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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A One Way Tolerance MalaysiaKini Style!

Malaysia will always be enclave and be the odd man out in this world of diversity and openness across borders. What kind of leaders would want their country to disintegrate and using terms such as majority, religion and master of the land reasoning's to cause disunity among the races so that they can stay in power.

We cannot afford to have leaders of past generation mentality that have no foresight, no conscience, no leadership quality, no integrity, carrying excess baggage, corrupt and will never admit nor apologise for any wrong doing.

It is always the inclination that the majority win or the majority is right. Applying the majority of a particular race reasoning to deflect other minority from questioning one's right as a full citizen of the country shows the leadership have no conscience and quality. The minority is always reminded to be tolerance and sensitive to the majority but the majority can and need not be tolerance or sensitive to the minority.

Religion is a personal matter between oneself and God. In using religion as an excuse to fight for one particular race which is of majority against the minority religions and warning of its sensitivity is very unbecoming of a leader. The latest issuing of the fatwa on yoga is a muslim issue and many had voice out that non muslim should not interfere. No one is interfering but is concern that one fatwa may lead to another fatwa that one day it will affect the non muslim. Why it will affect the non muslim is the reasons that they gave to fatwa yoga.

Malaysiakini report on the yoga ban; "'Let Muslims deal with it'" which I do not agree. Full Malaysiakini report here.

As Malaysians of all races and of different religions we are bound to intertwined with each other daily in many ways, such as schooling, working, activities, businesses and religious celebrations. Base on the reasons that they can fatwa yoga, soon there will be a total separation for muslim and non muslim in all kind of activities, separate school for muslim and non muslim, muslim cannot work at a non muslim companies, muslim customers for muslim shopping malls and the list can go on until non muslim have to be isolated like lepers on an island by itself. You think about it, non muslim have to be sensitive to muslim sensitivity but not the other way round.

As a Malaysian citizen irrespective of any race, we are master of this land. Trying to misinterpret or change the meaning of the constitution will not bode well for the country as a whole. If master of the land concept is still recognise worldwide, Obama would not have been elected as President of the United State.

To enable tolerance to work, it must be on both sides of the divide and not a one way tolerance.


  1. Saudara David,
    Itu pendapat anda sorang sahaja.Kalau nak tukar selera atau haluan nak ikut AS, Obama belum angkat sumpah buat ape nak ikut dia.
    Sunggoh cekap anda meramal.
    Guna apa tuh ?
    Satu pendapat tak bolih ubah fikiran 25 juta rakyat Malaysia.
    Kita belum ade sejarah macam Amerika.
    Baik kita ambil contoh PRC sudah ratusan tahun sejarah tamadun nya.
    Lagi pun tolak ansur tu mesti lah dua hala.
    Cara anda membuat andaian sa olah olahnya tolak ansur macam tolak aje.
    Siapa tolak siapa beransur.
    arjuna waspada

  2. Our nation is seen to have many races living in harmony with each other. I said 'seen' because underneath there is a thin line dividing all races. Not the doing of the people. I should blame the government for it's race-based policies. On the streets, every Chinese, Malay or Indian that I cross path with, is courteous and friendly. Like you said, to enable tolerance, it must be on both sides to work. The people on all sides are working towards tolerance at ground level, but the government works its policies to divide, on the higher level. So how can we hope to achieve zero or near to zero intolerance?



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