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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bloggers Ashame To Be Associated With The National Alliance of Bloggers

What is happening to our Malaysiakini bloggers. Malaysiakini bloggers must set a new course and change its president.
What I understand about the The National Alliance of Bloggers is that it is non political and will resist by blogging of any bad calls and actions by the government. To help protect bloggers under the constant harassment of the government with threats to detain bloggers under the ISA.

But sad to say, this so call "The National Alliance of Bloggers" headed by a President who now wants to turn it into a propaganda machine for umno. My earlier posting on these realigned bloggers here and here.

I am truly ashame to be associated with this so call "The National Alliance of Bloggers" with its president who has his own self interest to take care off has now deviated from what this alliance is originally planned for.

The logo for bloggers united is being removed from my blog as of now. I am calling the committees of "The National Alliance of Bloggers" to take action against the president for his non committal to the original agendas and now is using it to serve his own purpose and umno.

Will Haris and Bernard do something about it.


  1. Richard, nearly two years down the road, the National Alliance of Bloggers is still not a registered body thru the ROS. 4 months into its formation a constitution was drafted and approved by the committee members, of which I am one. The committee has met only 6 times. The last was to approve the logo. The next step was to get the copy of ICs of the pro-tem committee for despatch to the ROS. I have submitted mine. I await the outcome. As a yet to be approved body there is nothing for me to resign from. My posting "The 'Outing' of Rocky Bru" sums up my stand. I leave it to the protem chairman to sack me from All Blogs. That is his prerogative. For the present, there should be no 'war' amongst us. It is Rocky's right to align himself to any party or person as it is my right too to focus on my anti-ISA and a new Malaysia campaign. I am not and will not join any political party as party policies and ideologies can often collide with our personal focus. But I will do my little bit to promote these two priorities of mine, should any political party champion these two causes.

  2. dear Malaysian for all,

    Your blog roll at top A kadir Jasin blog..just visit his blog and latest sajak.You know people becoming more racist ever now days as 1946.We are going backwards with playing racist cards!.



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