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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why 'Anything But Umno/BN' (ABU) - My view

Twitter is a platform open to anything and everything (for now). You can be funny, angry, hates, loves, polite, vicious, evil intention, preaching, prolific own business, spread lies, personal thoughts, political sparring, disruption from cybertroopers and that summarised it all as the good, the bad and the ugly of twitting.

The 140 characters limit has caused many tweets to be misconstrued and misinterpreted as many were trying to argue their points within the limit. This happened to people like me with poor English and not being able to make short sentences easily understandable.

There was this question posed to me on twitter why "Anything But Umno/BN" (ABU) most likely from a MCA supporter. I can't answer this question in 140 characters for sure and I promised him that I will blog the answer for him.

We cannot blame the young generation or first time voters for not understanding ABU. They have yet to experience the systematic erosion of almost everything under the rule of Umno/BN for over 50 years.

I will provide 5 issues why 'Anything but Umno/BN" Its not political but facts that Umno/BN have failed the rakyat and nation after having ruled for over 50 years.

1) Umno is BN, BN is Umno
Anything Umno supreme council agrees upon has to be accepted by all. Even though BN comprises a coalition of 14 political parties, non has the power to speak out against or to disagree and even if any dares, they will retract after a fierce look from Umno. Umno is now running the country not BN

2) Education
For any government, education should be placed as top priority and not a single Malaysian child be neglected or deprived of. Education is the live blood to an energetic, progressive and matured nation.

To put it bluntly, our education system is in a total mess. I can vouch that our education in the 60's was among the best in Asia (I was educated in the 60's) and where are we now?

Our education is in a mess mainly due to political interference, restrictive and control of syllabus that will only allow students to learn not more than they should have.

Our Education Minister is appointed not on whether he knows anything about running the education system but a stage for him to climb to the next level.

Umno led government is using education as a tool to control the mind of students that can see only the mirage good of the government and not the bad things they are doing behind closed doors.

Don't you think that its time to replace the education minister post with Educators from a pool of professional educationists to chart out a coherence education system. BM will remain a prerequisite pass for all examinations while the Educators will work out the other subjects syllabus and what language to be taught, reminding themselves that we are not challenging our own selves but the world.

3) Corruptions
I really do not know how to write about this point. There are many blinded by their support of Umno/BN that they felt corruptions are a non issue, won't hurt the nation or its minimal, happening only at the lowest level between commoners and civil servants.

There are calls to stop giving or stop taking and wahla, corruptions will be eradicated. A PM can give and ask rakyat to take "You help me, I help you" during election is acceptable, that is not bribery. And now they wanted to introduce taking integrity pledges and hope that corruptions can be wiped out. All are just sugar coating.

To those who are entrusted to fight corruptions, MACC & Pemandu, must first realised that corruptions are so entrenched into the governing system that sugar coating or simple panadol is not going to cure this sickness.

It becomes worst when blind supporters of Umno/BN voicing out their call to fight corruptions but silence or defending that their leaders are clean when the rakyat can see that their whole bodies are covered with dirt.

MACC fairs no better, not being able to perform their duty "without fear or favor", chasing after ikan billies especially from the opposition, vigorous interrogation till death on RM2.5K but inaction or slow motion when big sharks are swimming happily.

Billions upon billions of ringgit that belongs to the rakyat are lost through corruptions and leakages from the top level and those experts in fighting corruptions are happy with their performances of catching and solving hundreds of mini corruption cases.

4) Government Institutions
Almost all the institutions one way or another are leaning on the side of Umno controlled government. They can scream and shout that they are not but the rakyat can see it all.

MACC is so unresolved towards the big sharks and only able to go after the ikan billies and the opposition. How many cases have they solved with the AG reports coming out year after year. Should we claimed that there are major corruptions at the top level, of course we can't, they would want proofs but yet they cannot explain where our billions lost have gone to.

PDRM is to serve and protect the rakyat but are we seeing that. They are protecting Umno more then it should have. They will act and follow the rules when you protest against the Umno led government or having candle light vigils but the law seems to be no where when the cow head protest can proceed and even the home minister welcome the protesters into his office. PDRM and the SB are wasting a lot of resources and energy just to ensure any public dissent against Umno government are thwarted and will never happen again, hence you got the Public Assembly Bill (PAB2011)

c) Judiciary
Just one question and you can judge yourself how our judiciary perform or are they protecting anyone. Why the court did not ask PDRM to pursue the motive and who order the killing of Altantuya?

5) Governing
Can a nation survive on political governing? From the above 4 issues we are seeing a government that is more concerned with its party survival than working towards a better nation and serving all Malaysians. Well I can imagine readers now shooting at me, our great PM has started his 1Malaysia, People First Performance Now, transformation plans, GTP, ETP, NKEA, NKRA, EPP bla bla bla

At such a short time the PM thought that he can do magic with it all without really looking to resolve or remove the cancer stricken system in the government.

It really surprised the whole nation when Najib as PM will talk about his 1Malaysia, GTP, ETP etc but turn racist when facing the Malay community during the Umno assembly and talking to Pekida. The most dangerous game they are playing with, Religion, is outsourced to Perkasa, Utusan and BN component parties. Very shocking indeed. How not to debunk PM Najib's 1Malaysia.

I do not have to stress further on the goodies being given to the rakyat, you all should know the reason why only now. Take a look at the BR1M RM500. When the nation was still rich, I did not receive a single cent, no money for scholarships or built more schools or fighting poverty but how come when we are almost at the brink of bankruptcy, the umno government can cough out all these cash payment? Should we appreciate and thanks the racist Umno president for the RM500 when its not from Umno's coffer but money they taxed from the rakyat?

The umno leaders failed when they are only striving to be the best among the worst. Why can't we strive to be the best among the best.

With the above non performances of these standard requirements of any government, do you think that we should continue to allow Umno ruin run this nation?

So, the call now is very loud and clear "Anything but Umno/BN" (ABU) for the coming 13 GE.


  1. Why not give a try for the next GE. ABU. It can be MCA, MIC, PAS, DAP, PKR, etc. BN can be be the GOM as long it is ABU.

  2. Tony Fernandez for Prime Minister of Corporate Malaysia.

  3. **Father of Corruption, Cronyism, Nepotism, & Decadence**........ ............

    Mahathir's UMNO-BN 22 years of dictatorial, tyrannical & oppressive reign of evil regime was widely known and well-documented as the era of excessive opulence and extravagant decadence.

    This era of rampant and endemic corruption resulted in the pervasive-evil system whereby government servants comprising of ministers in the cabinet, top and high-ranking Govt. officials and the evasive UMNO warlords and cronies, in the 2mil. civil service Govt. employees, are simultaneously and covertly holding outright positions in the corporate world as directors, in public-listed companies and other related businesses, when they have NO BLOODY business to be involved in, as per their contract in the government service.

    The shocking revelation is that all their family members and relatives are appointed as nominees and directors in the aforementioned businesses.

    To complicate matters and permeate the problem more complicitly, is the involvement of the royalty and monarchs and sultans in businesses in the corporate world.

    The evil business of largesse and patronage unforgivably breeds nothing but contempt and disgust from the Rakyat.

    So the logical and rational thing to do when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the helm of governing the country, the first priority is to nationalize all the criminal acts and illegal wrong-doings by the UMNO-BN elites.

  4. **The 13th General Elections**

    If now until the elections (GE-13/PRU-13) , all the victimised, racially-polarised, disparaged and marginalised Rakyat would just rise to protest not to pay cukai pintu , cukai tanah, any other sort of taxes, refuse to renew their licences etc, until Pakatan Rakyat takes over the helm of governmentship in Putrajaya, then only will we start to pay! , , , , , ,

  5. **General Elections - 13**

    Each and everytime the General Elections come around the corner, Mahathir, the former PM for the past 22 years of oppressive, dictatorial, tyrannical reign/regime of evil oppression,
    will threaten the Rakyat, that if they do not vote for UMNO/BN, another May 13 - Racial Riots would erupt!

    It's obvious that Najib, the current PM is running out of ideas and is desperately fighting for his own political survival, during the recent UMNO AGM, where numerous seditious, religious provocative and racially sensitive attacks were made against the opposition parties in particularly DAP was singled out. The May 13 bogeyman has reared it's ugly head again!

    In the Chinese villages and rural Chinese kampungs, FRU trucks and Army vehicles manned with heavily-armed personnels, will be deployed all around the polling stations. Who could ever blame the poor rural Chinese kampung folks for not coming out to vote?

    With the time frame running out verses the Europe debt crisis and the US meltdown contagion drawing closer by the day, Najib has by most only 3 months to call for a snap polls! (By March 2012 latest!) , , , , , , , , ,



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