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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ABU and I can't vote PR!

ABU - "Anything but Umno/BN" PR - "Pakatan Rakyat"

We can see many simpletons in the form of cybertroopers on twitter showing their stupidity and wonder why they are paid to act stupid.

My earlier posting Why ABU was in response to some people asking me in twitter. When I replied back in twitter to their question in the form of blog posting, all they can say is 'others are worst'. I tweet back asking them to provide issues like I did on ABU, none can and five unfollowed me and ran.

I have given 5 issues as defence for my supporting ABU and you can read them here.

Many would asked this silly question, 'if you don't like Umno why you reject BN'

BN is supposed to be a coalition of 14 different parties that run this country but its a known fact that Umno, one of the coalition party, is the only party that controlled and managed the overall governing system. Thus, no matter how you wanted to defend BN, BN is Umno and Umno is BN.

Do you see any Umno logo on the ballot paper, no, only BN, hence to get rid of Umno you have to get rid of BN. There may be some good souls in the other component parties but sorry, to use Dr. Mahathir's word, "collateral damage."

ROS, under the watchful eyes of Umno, is holding back the application of PR, a coalition of DAP, PAS and PKR with no valid reason. Umno knows that the people are seeking a two party system and should PR be registered, Umno will be defeated even faster.

This coming GE 13 we will not be able to see PR logo on the ballot papers, so that is why I can't vote PR. Until DAP, PAS and PKR formed the next government, PR will not exist officially but an active working coalition from the sideline.

In order to get a new government, voters have to vote "anything but Umno/BN", a coalition just in name but under Umno's control, that failed to bring unity, equality, corruption free, religious freedom to the rakyat. Umno/BN does not only failed the rakyat and nation but will be enforcing more new draconian laws and policies to stifle the people's democratic freedom, rights and progress.

On polling day, at all constituencies you will surely see the BN logo on the ballot papers, just ignore it. Put the cross over PAS, DAP or PKR logos depending on which constituency they are standing. You may also see independent logos but there won't be many. The decision is yours to make should you encounter any independent as long as you do not cross the BN logo.

And lastly, the simpletons will still claim that a new government could be worst. Nobody can know what will happen tomorrow and I agree that we will not know how the new government will perform unless we give them a chance to do so.

You are the boss of a big corporation and you found that your GM is so corrupted, making huge loses for the company, you have no choice but to fire him. You have to employ a new GM but are you going to hesitate just because you fear that the new GM could be worst? You can vet through the application resumes, interview and talk to them and then decides which candidate you are comfortable with.

Likewise, PAS, PKR and DAP have submitted their resumes in the form of their governing the 4 states under their rule. Yes, the good resumes may only be at state level and that is the more reason that we should give them a chance to show that they can continue their good performances at Federal level. That is a risk that we have to take and if the simpletons do not know, PM Najib has personally call upon the rakyat "don't be afraid to take risks".

Once again, the call is "anything but Umno/BN' for the 13 GE. Take the risk, you have nothing to lose but an opportunity to see better governance from a newly elected Federal government.


  1. Use The Power Of Your Vote To KICK-OUT Umno/BN!

  2. No Political-Will to Eradicate Corruption! Merely Lip-Service lah!

    In this country, to be charged in court is NOTHING when you are a High & Mighty VVIP! Until and unless these VVIP's are CONVICTED and THROWN Behind Bars & INCARCERATED for all their HEINOUS Crimes against the Poor RAKYAT & Society at large, then & ONLY then Justice would have PREVAILED! Until then we can ONLY pray and hope, if there's a GOD at all?



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