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Monday, December 5, 2011

GE 13 : Pakatan Rakyat should name their candidates now

Don't waste time on speculating or predicting on when the PM is going to dissolve parliament and call for the 13th General Election. Treat it like its going to be held next week. Its only 15 months to go before the 5 year term ends. PM has to do it within these 15 months, so don't let him has the upper hand to play you all around.

As a voter, my view is that Pakatan Rakyat should name all their candidates now.

These are my reasons:

1)It will confirm that seats distribution among the 3 parties are all finalised. No more last minute fighting over seats allocation.

2)There will still be time to make changes if feedback from rakayt on any candidate is unfavorable. Rakyat can scrutinised the candidates in more details where the CEC may have miss out.

3)Reading the news on "Karpal hits out at DAP warlords", it is the more reason to name the candidates now. You can flush out all the unhappiness, warlords or Trojan horse(if any) and concentrate fully when campaigning starts.

4)Voters are more wary about candidates now after seeing the numerous elected representatives jumping ship and some not performing.

5)Those selected candidates can start working the ground and identify what kind of problems the rakyat are facing (especially those seats that are now under BN).

6)You will have sufficient time to cool things down from the upheaval confronting unhappy members not selected.

Not naming candidates ahead but until the last minute may be part of political manoeuvring against your opponent but I doubt it really help in the present new era.

There may be some risk factors in naming the candidates early but as the saying "No risk no gain" and the PM himself is bold enough to say "Don't be afraid to take risks", so?

This will be a true test and challenge for Pakatan Rakyat to make changes to the political scene.

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