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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let us help Najib fulfill his change of wish for GE 13?

I believed Najib Razak has crafted out a very perfect plan just before he took over the premiership. From the bottom of his heart he knew that umno has to change or it will not survive the 13 GE thus out came his 1Malaysia, ETP, NKRA etc when he officially became the 6th Prime Minister.

He started on the right footing and with his appointment of international consulting firms , like APCO, things were looking very good for him. If my guess was right, he must have had scheduled to hold snap poll within a year i.e any month in 2010 is good but he failed to do so or he would have won very comfortably.

He was at his peek during the 2010 umno general assembly with his hot and fiery speech calling to defend PutraJaya even if its "crushed bodies and lost lives". Indeed he is so Gung-ho that a sure big win is at hand and calling the rakyat not to take the risks with Pakatan Rakyat.

Yes, Najib's wish is to win big, anything less than a two third majority is unacceptable but with Pakatan Rakyat gaining more ground at the Sarawak state election things started to fall apart. With his moves toward liberalising the economy and aggressiveness for reform, there are strong resistance from within Umno, including his Deputy, as well as Malay rights group Perkasa.

He has to keep changing the date for GE 13 within himself for he is clueless as what to do. The resistance from within is too much for him to handle and he has no other way but make a retreat back to the old umno's way, like the famous saying "if you cannot beat them join them".

If you read and study carefully the speeches and his inaction over the many issues, you can see clearly that he is giving up the fight and discretely helping Pakatan Rakyat to capture PutraJaya. He knows very well that if umno does not want to change, he has no way of winning the two third majority back and if he cannot win it back he is a gonna himself.

Points to note:

His frequent trip overseas are more towards making friends (just in case) with his glamouring speeches that contradicted what transpired back home.

He has lost controlled over Utusan and Perkasa, unable to rein them in for their many misleading reports and speeches that are causing unhappiness among the rakyat.

He has to make a 'surprise announcement' on the abolishing of the ISA (which I truly believe that he is sincere) but was pressured to hold back till another two new laws are put in place.

Even though his statement 'don't be afraid to take risks' was made in a business conference, it is clear that he is also targeting the general public and in a way retracting his earlier call 'don't take risks with Pakatan Rakyat'

He could not be bothered whether its Umno, Perkasa or NGOs and mat rempits that are causing havoc in Penang knowing very well that their actions are detrimental to Umno/BN chances of recapturing Penang.

He tried very hard to win over the Non Malays (especially the Chinese) but failed miserably.

He has to look the other way over the NFC scandal and let other leaders including the MACC and PDRM rough it over to come out with a beautiful outcome 'there is nothing wrong or any crime being committed'

He is giving out hard cash to the rakyat not because he wanted their votes but to ensure whatever little money is left does not go into someone else pockets instead. With no money, Umno will be fighting against each other or work against the party.

He has to look stupid for the rakyat to see how he claimed that Umno is not racist when Umno youth and his Deputy were firing racist fireball at Umno General Assembly.

Najib may not be agreeable with the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 but he is too weak now to fight for his planned reform and transformation. He has to play along and let the rakyat see that there is totally no hope that Umno will change.

These led me to the conclusion that Najib Razak is allowing Umno to do and say things that will make the rakyat angry and to rise against Umno. Another thing inside his mind is that there is practically no capable leader in the present Umno hierarchy that can make a good and honest PM.

So who else can govern better than Umno...your guess is as good as mine.

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