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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Plea tweets to PM Najib, but he is not listening!

The Prime Minister has been telling the rakyat that he is willing to listen to the rakyat, hence his engaging the rakyat through FaceBook, Twitter, blogs and his going to the ground to meet them.

Since I have no opportunity to meet him personally, I tweet hoping that he will read and do the right thing.

The Bersih 2 rally which is supposed to be peaceful has now been turned into a political fight for survival, as far as umno is concerned with their daily onslaught on Bersih and the opposition.

I have been tweeting on Bersih rally after Ibrahim Ali's statement of threats and have pleaded to the PM to act fast before things turn ugly. Instead of seeking a win win solution, his latest statement today blaming Pakatan and the police statement that Bersih supporters are waging war against the King shock me to the core. I now realised that the PM is not interested to find a win win solution but persist to further cause discord granting opportunity for whatever action he is taking or going to.

Following are my tweets:

Is @NajibRazak statement a signal 4 perkasa & umno youth 2 create chaos? Mr. PM U know who r right & who R wrong & yet U singled #Bersih, PR
2 hours ago

Y is PM @NajibRazak blaming Pakatan & not Perkasa Ibrahim Ali who is the one who threaten the Chinese & chaos. Really losing fate in him.
2 hours ago

Plea 2 PM @NajibRazak Pls act b4 things got out of hand. Clamping down on the righteous & letting loose the extremists r simply wrong.
3 hours ago

Is PM @NajibRazak not doing anything 2 utusan & perkasa allowing them 2 continue to stir trouble and flush the 1Malaysia down the toilet?
3 hours ago

What is happening? Wearing yellow t-shirt can get u arrested. Is @NajibRazak aware of this or is he told that police r just doing their job
3 hours ago

Remember what u said @NajibRazak? RT @behlihyi what PM has said in Feb about protest&political reforms #Bersih @Ambiga_S
25 Jun

Rakyat wanted change, its up 2 umno @NajibRazak & PR @anwaribrahim @limkitsiang @nikabdulaziz how 2 but not I.Ali's ways of riots&bloodshed.
24 Jun

Obvious I.Ali is hell bent on creating chaos & blood shed, PM @NajibRazak must put a stop 2 it unless he agrees. Don't simply blame @bersih2
23 Jun

Appeal 2 PM @NajibRazak following @limkitsiang's invites 2 march with #Bersih, accept it if u truly believes yr 1Msia People First P' Now
21 Jun

If PM @NajibRazak & Ibra Ali love 2 play with fire pls play among yourselves, we Msians will not play with u nor r frighten by your stunt
20 Jun

Very sad that PM @NajibRazak could not handle perkasa and utusan for causing so much hate and threats of chaos among Malaysians!
19 Jun

1 comment:

  1. He has gone deaf, and has developed sudden amnesia - forgetting his 1Malaysia concept and the fact that Ibrahim Ali has threatened the peace and harmony.



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