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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bersih is part and parcel of the political sphere

Bersih is a body that is in search for a free and fair election which over the years have seen how lame the Election Commission were. They have came out with an eight points demand that the EC needs to look into and applied accordingly but failed, hence, the call for the Bersih 2.0 walk for a free and fair election.

The EC itself is part of the political process that is ongoing, to keep up with time and the increase numbers of voters. They, like Bersih, is a body entrusted to ensure that all elections are carried out freely and fairly without aligning themselves to any political party. They have to engage with all political parties, be it the ruling party or the opposition to seek feedback on any changes of the electoral process.

But, alas, the EC is not seen to be carrying out its duty in a free and fair manner and mostly siding with the ruling party.

As such, Bersih was formed to engage and call upon the EC and government to ensure that future elections are conducted in a free and fair manner.

Election is political, without political parties there will not be an election. Anything that has to do with elections are political and so are the EC and Bersih.

The ruling party is claiming that Bersih is political and is on the side of Pakatan Rakyat while those that are against the call for a free and fair election painted a very bad image of Bersih.

What is wrong with these people, don't they know that Bersih is part and parcel of the political sphere. Bersih invited all political parties which believe that there is a need for electoral reforms and to walk for a free and fair election.

Who will walk with Bersih if political parties are not involved? Majority, if not all, the people who will walk are affiliated with one political party or another as members or supporters.

PR sees the need for electoral reforms and thus supported Bersih. Why is it that certain parties or individuals are not happy and claimed that PR is hijacking or taking the forefront of the Bersih walk. Does it really matter that much? Bersih has to work with PR because PR supported Bersih's call for electoral reforms. I am sure Bersih will work with any other party from BN which supports the move as well.

Bersih is apolitical but is tied together with political parties in order to see that its agenda of a true electoral reforms are achieved.

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