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Monday, June 20, 2011

GE-13: July 10 nomindation day poser and 60 ways to hurt Malaysia

Will Malaysians only wake up when it is too late?

By Selena Tay | Malaysia Chronicle

One of the teachings in Sun Tzu's Art Of War says that what cannot be won by confrontation must be won by stealth.

This is very true. And there are many in the Pakatan Rakyat camp who say this typifies their BN rivals. Those who know they may not win the general election by fair means may opt to win by foul means.

And giiven the rash and irrational manner that BN boss, UMNO and its cohorts like Perkasa, are rushing headlong to stop the Bersih 2.0 rally, speculation has spread to the man in the street.

Walk into a warong or kopi-tiam that litter the nation. This is what the people are saying and it is the fastest-spreading rumour in town.

Nomination day for GE-13 will be July 10 - one day after the July 9 Bersih 2.0 anti-election fraud rally.

Why? Obviously, they said, it is a BN sprung trap to disable all the Opposition leaders who participated in the July 9th rally to be arrested. Whether or not under the Internal Security Act does not matter, the object is to delay them from making it to the nomination centres the next day.

If this happens, BN candidates will win uncontested. BN can win the whole election by default or as some Pakatan leaders have warned, "steal the whole GE from right under our noses".

This may seem cheeky but the truth is often stranger than fiction. The most telling thing is that, if the ordinary Joes and Josephinas are thinking such things of their government-of-the-day, what a shameful reflection for that government.

It is also a stark warning that citizens no longer trust that government? Will the people also embark on the next step?

Will the rakyat or populace of Malaysia arise and do in Dataran Merdeka what the Egyptians did in Tahrir Square?

Uncivilized, unethical and undemocratic no longer make the cut

As Bersih 2.0 has pointed out, elections are useless if they are manipulated by the Election Commission, whose chairman often behaves as if he is the personal bodyguard for the Najib administration. So loyal and determined to please UMNO, he seems to be!

Nonetheless, since 1957, the BN has ruled with a fist of iron and its divide-and-rule Policy has kept the 3 major races apart.

Now with the advent of globalization and the Internet, Malaysia is finding it tough to compete on the world's stage as old methods no longer make the cut and are viewed with contempt instead.

Malaysia has to keep abreast with new values in order to be a cutting-edge trading nation and not regress into being a backwater Third World regime that plays host to filthy industries, foundries and health hazards like rare-earth refinineries and plants.

All this is possible only with a 'new' Malaysian government bringing in new methods and new innovations. This 'new' government can be in the form of a fully-reformed and renewed BN or the Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Uncivilized, unethical and undemocratic iron-fisted ways are no longer relevant in this New Age of the New Millennium celebrated 11 years ago. Malaysia is already 11 years late and therefore there is no time to tarry or be tardy any longer.

Regardless, GE-13 is this year or next, change is at hand.

Before we embark on the next step, let us review through the list below - by no means exhaustible - all the things that have gone wrong and are still wrong in the Malaysian system.

The list of ills: 60 and growing

1. PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) Scandal - more than RM12.5 billion incurred and counting

2. Scorpene submarines - costing approximately RM7.6 billion

3. Commission for the Scorpene submarine - RM500 million

4. Loss of Bumiputera equity - RM52 billion

5. Limbang offshore blocks L and M given to Brunei - RM320 billion

6. Bank Negara Forex loss - RM6 billion

7. Perwaja Steel Scandal - RM15 billion

8. 60,000 Approved Permits given to UMNO-linked firms - worth RM2.4 billion

9. BMF Scandal (Carrian group) - RM4 billion

10. Double-tracking railway project from Ipoh to southern Thailand - RM12.5billion

11. Purchase of 6 EMU locomotives - irregularity at a cost of RM500 million

12. Sudden petrol price hike of RM0.79 sen in June 2008

13. Khir Toyo's mansion - RM24 million

14. Menara Warisan or mega-tower - RM5 billion

15. Bail-out of GLCs and BN's crony-corporations - too massive and too many

16. Anwar's black-eye incident (beaten up by police while in prison)

17. Jensen Chia Buang Hing (he was also beaten up police - December 2010)

18. Altantuya Shariibuu (mother of two, murdered, blown to bits by C4)

19. Teoh Beng Hock (MACC deathfall vitcim)

20. Kugan Ananthan (only 22, but the cops beat him until his kidneys failed)

21. Aminulrasyid (15-years old, but shot by cops)

22. Prime Minister Najib Razak's aide Nasir Safar's statement: "Chinese came here to sell their bodies and Indians came to beg"

23. BiroTata Negara deputy director Hamim Husin's statement: Chinese are "si mata sepet" and Indians "si botol"

24. Missing jet engines (stolen directly from under the airforce's nose)

25. Perak illegal and undemocratic power-grab in February 2009: Remember Perak, remember the Injustice!

26. Dr Mahathir,Taib Mahmud, Musa Aman, Daim Zainuddin and other BN politicians

27. Lingam-gate Scandal: Correct, correct, correct or Korek, korek, korek

28. Sodomy I and Sodomy II trials

29.Stamping of Bibles: ' Bible smelly' said Hishammuddin and 'Christian-state' false news from Utusan and Umno bloggers

30. Perkasa, Pembela: Increasingly anarchist stance due to the lack of punishment by the authorities

31. PSD scholarships fiasco

32. Datuk T trio and the sex video

33. Cow-head protests, vandalism at churches and mosques

34. 1 Malaysia email granted to 'broke' firm Tricubes Bhd (GN3 company)

35. Stadium roof collapse in Terengganu

36. Prison break-out in 2011: More than 100 illegals escaped from detention centres

37. Death of crimebuster and Penang's top cop, Albert Mah (burglars who slashed him to death were never apprehended)

38. Flip-flop of key education policy in the teaching of Maths and Science in English

39. BERSIH 2.0 Rally: To demand for free and fair elections

40. Anti-ISA Rally

41. Water Rally (to demand that the government returns water rights to the rakyat)

42. Eye-on-Malaysia Ferris Wheel (white elephant in Melaka)

43. Bukit Merah-Papan rare earth tragedy in Perak (MItsubishi) and now Gebeng in Pahang (Lynas)

44. Bakun Dam (destruction of environment, displaced peoples)

45. Female nude-squats - November 2005 and June 2011

46. Sedition Act

47. ISA (Internal Security Act)

48. OSA (Official Secrets Act)

49. PPPA (Printing Presses and Publications Act)

50. Kazakhstan engagement party for daughter: Did PM Najib and wife Rosmah use public funds?

51. Abuse of the New Economic Policy/Dasar Ekonomi Baru

52. Buying of votes in 10th Sarawak State Elections in April 2011

53. No Minimum Wage Policy for workers

54. No media coverage for Opposition parties during election campaigns

55. Wasted money spent on 1Million Youths Gathering - more than RM25 million - May 2011

56. Hike in Electricity Tariffs on June 1, 2011 and more upcoming hikes in sugar, diesel and petrol

57. Asian Petroleum Hub in Johor - RM1.4billion, now in receivership

58. Various Malaysian corridors started by Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi now empty, unutilised and vacant

59. Churning out acronyms, i.e. NEM, GTP, ETP, EPP, NKRA, NKEA, and TEM (Terrible Economic Management - this one is given by the rakyat)

60. Constant price hikes especially in basic necessities and foodstuffs: Implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) soon to come

The list serves to remind Malaysians that never before in Malaysian history is so much at stake.

Indeed, Armageddon is approaching. The battle is at hand.

Will Malaysians only wake up when it is too late?

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