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Monday, June 20, 2011

A call to action: Non-Malays, vote for anyone but BN until Ibrahim Ali is punished

My tweet to PM Najib, oh! wondering is he still the PM in control or Perkasa Ibrahim Ali??

MalaysiaForAll Richard Loh
Very sad that PM @NajibRazak could not handle perkasa and utusan for causing so much hate and threats of chaos among Malaysians!
17 hours ago

By Maclean Patrick | Malaysia Chronicle

Ibrahim Ali is not a clown but an anarchist bent on destabilizing the very foundations of Malaysia. In his feeble and fantasy-laden world of yellow, brown and black, Malaysia is a habitation that is inhabited by a single ethnic group and this group is Lord over all that walks the land.

As lord, they can decide who lives and dies. They determine what you can and cannot say. Lies and insinuations and poison are daily courtesy for Ibrahim.

He is an iconoclast, bent on disrupting the nation's ethnic groups from existing in harmony. He sees things moulded only in his image and his image alone. Sad to say, it is a horrible-looking one.

Yet this is the world he wants to invites to enter. A fantasy world verging on reality as long as the Barisan Nasional continues to govern and endorses his freedom to spread his brand of so-called ideology, which others say is little more than pure unadulterated hatred.

Not just the Malays

In its frenzied panic, Barisan Nasional has forgotten that for it to rule, it needs the votes of the non-Malays too.

Barisan Nasional has forgotten that when this country was merely taking baby steps, it took the efforts of the non-Malays to boost the earnings in the industry and plantation sector. That helped stave off starvation - including for the Malays - in the early days of our nationhood. As stark and as simple as that.

Malaysia was also built on the backs of the non-Malays. Not just the Malays.

And of late, the non-Malays have received little but unfair treatment, scoldings, uncaring words, undue accusations from those who sit in the seats of government and seem to have little to do but jerk at the man on the street, while they quietly add to RM888 billion of illicit outflow from the country.

It is the non-Malay tax-payers' money, that is paying the nation's 2 million-odd civil-servants. Not just the Malays.

It is the non-Malay tax-payers' money that drives the economy of the country and keeps the BN government from sinking ever further. Not just the Malays.

It is the non-Malay tax-payers' money that is paying for the mis-adventures of the elected BN parliamentarians. Not just the Malays.

Therefore, it is more than 100 per cent right to fault the BN for forgetting the non-Malays and allowing evil-minded anarchist like Ibrahim Ali to do and say whatever he pleases.

A call to action

Ibrahim Ali may scream bloody murder and get away with it, fine. Nazri Aziz and other BN ministers can make excuses for him, fine.

No matter what, the non-Malays will not stoop to his level which even the Neanderthals would be ashamed to be associated with. Instead, the non-Malays should take the higher ground.

This is a call to action. There is no need for Malaysians to say much. The non-Malays must let their actions will speak for themselves.

Let the non-Malays give their reply via the ballot box, come the 13th General Election.

Do not vote for the Barisan Nasional.

Do not vote for the Barisan Nasional beacuse it is clearly and openly supporting an anarchist like Ibrahim Ali, who has threatened to spill the blood of the non-Malays.

No longer funny

This is no joke. Ibrahim Ali has overstepped himself one time too many.

From a holy war against the Christians, Ibrahim Ali has now threatened to harm the Chinese and Prime Minister Najib Razak must take the blame for encouraging this and not putting his foot down when he should done so long ago.

So far, Barisan Nasional has done nothing to punish blatantly racist comments, nor clear instigations to violence. It has failed to condemn the threats towards the minorities of Malaysia.

Why should the minorities support it then?

Do not support Barisan Nasional, whose leaders remain silent despite such social injustice. Do not vote for the Barisan Nasional for its failure to punish Ibrahim Ali. Do not vote for the Barisan Nasional and allow it to perpetuate its own racism and rule of violence and threats.

It is clear, the BN has forgotten who gave them the mandate to rule all these years. It is timely then that the people, the non-Malays in particular, remind it.

And if and when Barisan Nasional chooses to punish Ibrahim Ali, it has to be transparent and decisive so that never again will an anarchist in his image ever dare rise or be permitted to spew so much hatred at other races.

Malaysia does not need characters such as Ibrahim Ali, who has contributed nothing towards nation building. He is an evil entity who thinks nothing of destroying national unity and damaging the economy.

Enough is enough. The time has come for Malaysians - non-Malays and Malays - to speak up.

Especially so, the non-Malays must stand up for themselves.

Or forever be under the threat of having their homes burnt to the ground and their blood split ala May 13, 1969, by the likes of dishonorable creatures like Ibrahim Ali.

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