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Thursday, April 14, 2011

UBAH ! 416 Sarawak4Change - 3 Angles To The Sarawak Election Results

Huge crowd attending ceramah does not mean huge support nor guarantee of getting their votes. The 10th Sarawak state election has turned into something that the country cannot be proud of. The craze to remain in power has lead to all kinds of dirty tactics including breaking the law of harassing, corruptions and promises made that do not guarantee of fulfillment. The heart of the nation has to stop with the PM and the whole cabinet ministers and elected representatives ordered to go on the campaigning trail.

Projects costing millions being promised, instant fund allocation to schools, churches and free goodies, free food are aplenty coupled with entertainment.

The ruling government keeps on harping that they are the only party that can help developed the state and no one else. The state has seen so much development and progress thanks to the ruling government. The big question, is it true?

Why all these commotions with the PM himself leading the charge if what they claim were true. They should have no worries of losing power if they were true, isn't it?

If I am a Sarawakian I would asked, why all these promises, instant mee type of arrangement and care only during state election but after the election, everyone leaves and Sarawakians will be forgotten again until the next state election.

After reading through all the reports from both sides over the past 8 days the election results can be formed from 3 angles.

1) 50 % of Sarawakians have one way or another came to know about what is really happening to their state. The other half does not know and living their usual life, ignorant of what is happening to the outside world and some may not even be bothered at all. Waves are forming calling for change and with the opposition working very hard to convince the ignorant group there is a possibility that the opposition might wrest power. The possibility is there for the opposition to take power with a simple majority and it depends on whether they can break the third angle (read below).

2) Even though there are waves calling for change, some may not have the confident to trust a new government. They are used to their type of living for over 40 years and would not like to rock the boat. The younger generation will leave for greener pasture elsewhere and may not even return. If this is the attitude, the opposition may not wrest power but got the chance to deny the ruling government the two third majority.

3) The ruling government knew the wrongs that they have committed and that the rakyat are very angry. But they also know how to tackle the situation. They know that those living in rural areas including many locations that are totally disconnected from others are more easier to pacify. Moreover many have known only one party that have ruled over them for over 40 years. They are in control over these areas which constitute about 30% of the seats.

They are putting more effort on the semi rural areas where the chances of winning is 50 - 50. With their might and in control of everything from ec, pdrm and hard core supporters, they are throwing funds here and there without us knowing where these funds came from. For over 40 years they cannot find funds for development but out of the blue in this election, millions are pouring in.

The urban areas are tough but throwing money around sometimes can still sway the rakyat. Other then money and free goodies, they can threaten, instigate, provoke, talk tough along racial and religious lines and worst, lying through their teeth.

With such a mass onslaught by the rich and powerful ruling government, the opposition should just be happy to retain their seats and maybe some consolation of adding a few more seats.

Will Sarawakians be so easily bought, instigated, threaten or provoke and believe in their lies, the answer will be known by midnight on the 16th April 2011.


  1. their votes. If it still does not work, too bad Sarawakians deserves the govt they vote in, and another 47 years?

    Yo Sarawak! We are with you all the way, down with BN - it's now or never!

  2. Today is the beginning of the most important week, the Holy Week, the week in which Christians reflect how Jesus was betrayed, captured, tortured, died, buried and resurrected.

    When we look back at what has been happening these few days, it's not hard to notice the coincidence - especially the betrayal part - where Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, just like how RPK has betrayed the Rakyat of Malaysia, for whatever BN is paying him.

    RPK, just like Judas, has sinned.

    No matter how his supporters want to whitewash the whole thing, the damage has been done. The future of Rakyat Malaysia has been sacrificed.

    I am not a vengeful person. I do not wish what happened to Judas happens to RPK.

    However, I do sincerely wish that God can provide RPK a chance to redeem himself, that he stops all activities that hurt the Rakyat of Malaysia.



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