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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Difference Between Greed, Power And Greedy For Power

This posting had been delayed pending the final allocation of seats among Pakatan Rakyat for the Sarawak state election.

My last posting PKR The TIME BOMB In Pakatan Rakyat may have stung many but as they always say, 'the truth hurts'. With the allocation of seats being finalized I will venture deeper and with more confident to defend what I had written and what I am going to write today.

This is an amateur political analysis of PKR within Pakatan Rakyat from a total different angle where professional analysts may not want to venture depending on which side of the divide they are inclined to.

If you ask a politician, why he/she is into politics and if he/she answered that its ambition then you can safely justified that he/she is not qualified to be elected as representative either as state assemblyman or member of parliament.

When you venture into politics its not all about ambition but sacrifice. Of course if you are politicians from umno/bn its totally a different story but what I am writing is about PR with their high hope of capturing Putrajaya. Many like me are cruising along with PR with real hope of that happening.

But all that hope is shuttered after observing how they fight for seats allocation in Sarawak and with SNAP drifting apart.

From day 1 PKR have always wanted to be in controlled and be on top of everything. After winning the most parliamentary seats in the 308 tsunami their heads had grown oversize and dreaming that they are indestructible now.

All party leaders of Pakatan Rakyat coalition have spoken out loud that they are equal, they meet up often to discuss things over, compromising this and that to show that everything is fine within the coalition.

If these are true why then they cannot resolve the seats allocation for the Sarawak state election, mind you, its only one state election. What will happen if it is the general election?

Let us look into how and why PKR will destroy the chances of winning big in the Sarawak state election and the coming 13th GE. Which category suits PKR, GREED, POWER or GREEDY FOR POWER.

There is always the greed genes inside everyone of us, its just by how much in big or small quantities. Every political party would want to win as many seats as possible because of the greed factor but there are parties that can see their own capabilities and are willing to compromise.

POWER, you need to work your way up, be compromising and weigh your own capability along the way before taking power.

When one is categorised as GREEDY FOR POWER it indicates that anything that block or hinder the path to power will be destroyed (there is one in existence and you know who).

DAP is in a way greedy for wanting 18 seats from previous 12 seats but compromised to go for 15 seats. This greed is valid for the simple reason that their chances of winning is high but they are not power crazy because should they win all the 18 seats they still cannot form the state government.

PAS is just trying to established a foothold in Sarawak knowing very well that they are in no position to be a major player for now or the near future. There is a little greed but holding power is not in their mind.

Look at PKR and SNAP fighting for the most number of seats, why? The only logical explanation is "Greedy for Power". The initial objective of fighting against umno/bn/taib is now totally obliterated and they now are blinded by their greed for power. They are thinking that a tsunami much bigger than 308 is going to hit Sarawak and they wanted to be in the forefront when it hits.

PKR wanted to contest in as many seats as they can grabbed from other coalition parties without weighing their own capabilities and strength but just depended on the so call 'wind of change' or a greater tsunami bigger than 308. They wanted to win the most seats than any other parties within the coalition to be in control and should they make it, the Chief Minister post will be theirs.

Even if they cannot wrest power from umno/bn/taib they would want to win the most number of seats within the coalition to be the taiko and that is the reason they force DAP to give up 3 winnable seats (originally 5) adding to their dream winning numbers. Today PKR announced that they will be contesting for 48 seats, that is exactly two thirds of the total 71 seats available. Can they look at the mirror and shout aloud that they are confident of winning all the seats or humble a little to win at least 24 seats?

SNAP is no difference, they wanted to stay on top as well thinking that Sarawakians are blowing the trumpet for "wind of change".

A little thought in a corner of my brain gets me thinking about this rumor of SNAP collaborating with umno/bn. Could this be the work of PKR to pressure SNAP to give in to seats that PKR wanted?

Whether SNAP is collaborating with umno/bn/taib or not both PKR and SNAP candidates are more likely to defect once the results are known or even before polling day. So far we have not seen any party candidates posing in camera with the press to declare their commitment to sink or swim with PKR or SNAP and will resign should they defect.

Let us be more realistic, I am not pouring cold water, the chances of wresting power from umno/bn/taib is near to impossible. The chances of denying umno/bn/taib the two third majority is possible only if SNAP and PKR do not crash each other on three corner fights. But it looks like now even to deny umno/bn/taib the two third majority is also out of reach. That leaves how many miserable seats each party can win.

The wind of change is there, ripples are formed but have yet to reach the tsunami strength. My prediction on the results of the Sarawak state election is:

DAP can win between 8 to 10 seats

PKR can win no more than 6 seats

PAS may win 1 or 2 seats or 0 seat

SNAP is still a mystery as anything can still happen between now and nomination day or even up to polling day. Their true color will show up as nomination and polling days draw closer. By then we will know the truth whether they have any collaboration with umno/bn/taib. If they are not and contest alone against PR and umno/bn they may just win a couple of seats.

It does not matter which party I am a member of, my main focus is for PR to capture Putrajaya. Up to this point it seems that Putrajaya is getting further and further away from my sight. If PR continue to allow PKR to dictate terms and their greed for power is not stopped we can wave Putrajaya goodbye forever.

The greed for power should be there for PR to capture Putrajaya but it must be as a whole within PR and not by any one single party. Do not allow PR to follow the umno/bn struture where umno is the master of all their component parties. I will say it again here PKR is a clone of umno. If PR wants to survive then it must rid PKR of umno's clone image.

Should I continue to sail with PR under such circumstances knowing that I can never reach my intended destination?


  1. A very good argument and equally legitimate question at the end.

  2. Argument is good and my answer to the last question is you should. This is the only chance for Malaysia. e cannot afford another 53 years of pillage by BN.



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