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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

13th General Election: All Political Parties Should Contest On Its Own

Pakatan Rakyat, yet to be a registered coalition, calls for change while Umno/BN is charging through its rhetoric voice for transformation. Whatever name each try to scream out does not matter to the general public anymore. One is trying to topple the incumbent and the other using all they have, power, money and state apparatus to remain in power comes what may.

Everyday, everything that is done or said by the opposition or the government are all politically connected. Looks like Malaysia will vanished from this earth if there is no bitching about politic for a single day be it from the opposition, government, news media or just about anywhere.

The PM seems not able to manage the country anymore with his DPM, Utusan and Malay NGO fighting on a total different transformation agenda while the non Malays particularly the Chinese are staying away from his rhetoric of 1Malaysia, People First Performance Now.

Each day the PM keeps quiet on the calls for a Malay Agenda, the other component parties within his BN coalition will get more reckless and soon the infighting will get bigger and will spill out into the open.

Pakatan Rakyat is no difference. You have one arrogant party, not willing to discuss or compromise and acting like a big boss, still living on cloud nine over their 308 performance. All their concern is to fight for seats and not be bothered with the welfare of the rakyat.

What I am going to suggest may seems illogical but with the present state of both the coalitions will it be better to loosen things up and rejuvenates a new political system.

For this coming 13th General Election, all political parties should compete on their own party flagship. BN component parties should come out and contest as individual party.

Let the rakyat decide the fate of this nation for once and not be dictated by existing coalition political parties.

As individual party, they can choose whichever constituency or constituencies they want to contest and feel comfortable of winning. Yes, there are bound to have three, four or more corner fights, so be it, it is the rakyat who will decide the party/candidate they wanted to represent them.

I am very sure that not a single party can contest in all the constituencies for States or Parliamentary seats. Umno may have the resources to contest all seats but will they do it knowing that there are seats that they can never win. Likewise for all the other parties which may have great resources.

For example, let us talk about Bukit Bintang Parliament seat. Surely Umno, MIC and PAS will not contest this seat for obvious reason. DAP and MCA will surely go for this seat. PKR and Gerakan are welcome to contest if they feel that they have the chances of winning but if they study the ground well enough likely they will not.

So as for all "beyond doubt" seats, only those parties that are confident of winning will contest and this leaves us the mixed seats where all parties will think that they can win. Even so, I am quite sure not all parties will jump in to contest these mixed seats.

The scenario for the 13th general election will be a free for all political party fight.

The most interesting thing to watch is the final results and how a new government will be formed.

With this free for all political party contest, most likely not a single party can win enough parliamentary seats to govern. Umno may win the most seats but not enough to govern and they have to seek others to join it in order to be able to form the government.

From this kind of scenario, umno will be reduced to the status on par with all the others which will depend on others to form a government. MCA, Gerakan, MIC may still want to work with Umno but other parties in Sabah and Sarawak may not want to or all of these previous BN component parties may not want to form the coalition with Umno anymore.

The option to form a new government with a variety of combinations among the parties will be great and will surely tame the arrogant Umno.

PAS, DAP and PKR are already contesting on their own flagship. The component parties of Umno controlled BN must wise up and leave the coalition to be more effective. They have the option to work with PAS, DAP, PKR or all three together and form a new government.

Malaysia needs change and transformation but will not happen if it remains in its present political scene It needs to break free from the dominant of Umno and it can only happen if BN other 13 component parties have the guts to leave and fight on its own. They need to contest the general election on their own and then only decide which party/parties they will work with to form the new government.

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  1. many parties can form coalitions..refer back with ROC la..ha ha ha..that how stupid Malaysian it is..change goverment then change the ROC..LOL.



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