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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sarawak State Election, My Tweets For Sarawakians To Ponder

Sarawakians, ask these questions inside your mind:

Why is it that umno/bn is promising developments only now?

Why are millions only being given out now?

Why BN vows to make Sarawak 'richest state' when it is already the richest state?

Did they ever tell you where have Sarawak richness gone to?

Try to recall all their promises made prior to each state election, have they been fulfilled?

Tell them through your votes that you can be fooled most of the time but cannot be fooled all the time.

Sarawakians, you all need to stand up together and make the change for a better future.

The following are my tweets to help you all make the decision. If you twit you can follow me, menu on right hand side.

S'wakians cannot vote in a Gov't whose energy & effort r spent on sex, RCI 4 an unsubstantiated video just 2 bring down 1 man @swak4chg
S'wakians can u tolerate these threat & lies: PM 2 Chinese: Revolt @ risk of fewer gov't reps, BN vows 2 make S'wak richest state @swak4chg
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Vote PR into power @cmlimguaneng MB @Khalid_Ibrahim will work with new CM 2 bring development & prosperity 4 all Sarawakians @swak4chg
S'wak is the richest State in M'sia its just that S'wakians r hidden from truth of where the money has gone to @swak4chg @cmlimguaneng
DO NOT THREATEN US - WITHOUT ANY GOV'T REPs WE CAN STILL SURVIVE "PM to Chinese: Revolt at risk of fewer gov't reps"
PM 2 Chinese: Revolt @ risk of fewer gov't reps So what with previous high nos of rep we Chinese r treated as 2nd class
Change Now Imperative Sarawak Ubah DAP List Of Candidates @swak4chg
Change Of Federal Government Now Imperative! Sarawak Ubah Taking The Lead @swak4chg
2 umno/bn leaders death of Malaysians r not important sex video is @swak4chg voters must send a clear message 2 najib vote bn out of S'wak
Is Jabu warning @NajibRazak bn?"stern warning 2 vote canvassers from peninsula warning them not 2 cause trouble" @limkitsiang @anwaribrahim

1 comment:

  1. Awesome blog post Richard.

    Keep on tweeting & create more awareness for the people of Malaysia and Sarawak, in general.



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