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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1Malaysia Email : 1Malaysia Boleh But Malaysians Bodoh?

The tweet from the Prime Minister before he went to sleep last night:

NajibRazak Mohd Najib Tun Razak
Before I sleep , let me clarify that the 1Malaysia E Mail is a private sector project. No public money is involved n entirely voluntary.
13 hours ago

From his tweet we can justify and conclude that he is not qualify to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He does not know that in this world, particularly Malaysia, that nothing is free and he still thinks that Malaysians are fools.

Let us take his word for the time being and believe that the 1Malaysia Email is a private sector project. Now, if it is private why is 1Malaysia domain owned by the PM got to do with it? It is because the PM wanted to set up an email system within the 1Malaysia domain to be given free to the people. So this private entity is roped in to provide this service, entirely voluntarily at a cost of RM 50 million. It means the PM is telling the truth, not a single cent from the government purse.

This report just came in:

Tricubes has underlined key strategies to ensure commercial viability including advertising and future e-services transactions,” said CEO Khairun Zainal Mokhtar.

“Private testing is already under way as we prepare towards system readiness.”

The project will offer centralised e-government services such as online notifications and digital bill statements from government agencies.

Every Malaysian above the age of 18 will be entitled to an official email account to communicate with the government.

Look at it, the project is for the government but Tricubes claimed that its resources will come from commercial viability including advertising and future e-services transactions. Question is, what if they fail to generate enough resources to continue managing this email system after it had gone online? Is the government willing to shut it down or will bail them out?

"Believe it or not" We still got a private entity coughing out RM 50 Million to set up for the PM a 1Malaysia Email system for free not to mention that this entity is in trouble with Bursa Saham Malaysia and about to be de-listed.

My point of view is still that the PM may be misled by the people around him, saying that this is a private project and no cost involved but they did not tell him the whole story. The setting up of this 1Malaysia Email system by the appointed entity is surely for free but when the whole system is completed he will then sell it to the government at a price which I presume is the RM 50 million. But the cost will not end there, they need to maintain the system at another price and later they will have to upgrade the system at another price and most likely it will balloon to at least RM 100 million.

So, Najib is not a qualified leader when he can be so easily misled that there are still good corporation (even though some may be in financial trouble ) willing to provide free service costing millions for the government and get nothing back in return. Malaysians are not that stupid to believe that any private entity that has dealings with the government will not get something back in return. And that something in the form of money indirectly belongs to the rakyat.

On another point, why do we need to set up the 1Malaysia Email to be given to the rakyat when firstly, there are already so many free email providers on the net, secondly, there are still many parts of the country without internet line and how are they going to access their free 1Malaysia Email, thirdly, there are also many parts of the country without electricity, how the hell are they going to connect online.

Again, I conclude that Najib is not a capable PM. He does things without any studies on the pros and cons, viability, any benefits for the rakyat other than to cronies and will not admit the mistakes that were made.

Just for example the mrt. They said works will start in July 2011 yet they are paying a consultant millions recently to study the concept, they have yet to figure out the actual costing and plans have yet to be approved. Imagine they can start work without a complete study, proper planning and costing.

1Malaysia Boleh but Malaysians Bodoh?

A Face Book page 1M Malaysians who don't want Najib's 1 Malaysia email was launched immediately to raise objection. At the time of writting this post,24 hours after it had launched, there are 24,586 likes. Go over to like the page if you object and read the comments and reasons for their objections.


  1. Gonna Make a ChangeApril 21, 2011 at 12:51 AM

    Give us more broadband coverage in this country and cheaper broadband access. Why not make broadband access free for all household?
    You can call it 123 or 121 or even 111. It doesnt matter and its boring to always have an alphabet after the number 1. After all, there were free 1 T shirts, 1 Tupperware, 1 Mineral water.
    Does it have to be another election before we get anything usable from this Govt?

  2. EPF + KHDN = RM50,000,000 rakyat money

    Rakyat Malaysia rejects umNOMCAnjing's CORRUPTION VIRUS LAH !!!

  3. Forget all this nonsense... there are so many things he can do rather than this stupid idea..



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