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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These Are My Questions To Najib Upon His Request #tanyanajib

These are the questions that I posed to Najib at #tanyanajib upon his request on tweeter. We will wait and see how many he will answer and truthfully.

#tanyanajib do u @NajibRazak uphold the constitution & rule of law in governing this nation?

#tanyanajib pls @NajibRazak answer all questions and not selective, since u ask for it answer them all

#tanyanajib is @NajibRazak 1Malaysia dead or alive

#tanyanajib y @NajibRazak u still tolerate utusan racist newspaper that is working against your 1Malaysia

#tanyanajib y @NajibRazak RCI not meant to find the cause of Teoh Beng Hock's death?

#tanyanajib do u @NajibRazak really read all these tanya & r u going to answer all of them, if not what is the purpose of having it

#tanyanajib have you @NajibRazak ever lie to us

#tanyanajib y @NajibRazak that our nation keeps tumbling down on almost everything as compared to other asian countries

#tanyanajib y @NajibRazak u keep saying that you listen to rakyat but we never see any of it

#tanyanajib y @NajibRazak not doing anything about the so many death in custody

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