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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - The Rise Of Pakatan Rakyat, The Imminent Fall Of Umno/BN


Let us Malaysians start the New Year with a Big Bang. May our New Year resolutions not be for self but for the country. We should resolve to be fully committed to voting in a new Federal Government at the next GE, one that will bring about the changes Malaysians have desired for so long.

It would appear that 2010 was a very good year for Najib, even though all he did was to plaster the whole country with slogans and rhetoric that benefitted no one but his wife, foreign agents and cronies. Just imagine the millions or even billions wasted to promote them. And it is the rakyat's money!

What comes out of Najib's mouth sounds so hollow. You must have read in the Mainstream Media his various speeches in front of different communities. He paints a rosy picture to arouse the rakyat into believing that what he is 'trying' to do is for the 'good' of the country.

He talks about unity, equality, religious tolerance, Bangsa Malaysia but his actions contradict his preaching. He can still tolerate the racists Utusan, Perkasa and civil servants spreading racial hatred and religious intolerance. All these are living proof that Umno/BN have failed in their 54 years of administration and governing.

The alternative media and bloggers too have countered all these insincere promises and pointed out that talk and slogans alone will not unite the country and bring prosperity to the rakyat.

We must reject Umno’s/BN’s call to return them to power again. There is totally no hope that they will change. BN’s continuing rule of this country will only bring more hardship to the rakyat and will bankrupt the country.

After March 2008, we expected Umno/BN to realise that there are so many faults in their ways of governing. However, instead of making amends, they have continued to use strong-arm tactics, undemocratic processes and a divide-and-rule system to stay on top. It is in name only that Umno/BN upholds democracy. In reality, it is leaning towards becoming a totalitarian regime.

Can you still tolerate Umno/BN, given their undemocratic actions, corruption and racism? While taking a break from writing this article, I read the news that Najib & Co are on their way to power-grabbing Selangor – just like what they did to Perak. And it was reported too that no cross was to be visible and no sermon allowed when Najib attended a Christmas function recently. This is a clear sign that 1Malaysia is not accepted even within Najib's own administration.

Najib & Co do not care about the rakyat. They are busy planning and plotting how to take back the States that they lost in order to regain a two-thirds majority. They will not hesitate to resort to underhanded methods and undemocratic processes and yes, they will get the help of the EC in the coming GE to ensure a win.

The 2008 tsunami shook up Umno/BN but it did not destroy their corrupt, arrogant, racist and undemocratic nature. To date, they have still not felt any shame in using their power to betray the rakyat and choke the States under PR of development funds. This country cannot afford to continue to allow such incompetent and undemocratic leaders to govern any further.

Malaysians must learn to accept the truth – that this country and its citizens can survive without this regime. We need not be afraid of their threats. We must recognise that it is we who decide the government of the day, not Umno/BN. We need to punish Umno/BN for not listening to us and we must put them into cold storage for 2 or 3 terms.

We must believe our hands are not tied. We have choices in everything. If you don't like a Proton Saga, you can go for a Persona. And there are many other choices of car models and makes. If you don't like Versace, you can have Christian Dior, Amani and many other brands of clothing, perfume and make-up. The choice is yours to make. But make a wise choice, for otherwise the consequences can be disastrous.

Umno/BN have been the ruling government for 54 years and we have grown tired of their undemocratic actions, their censoring of our freedom, their corruption, racism, unequal distribution of the nation’s wealth, poor education system plus their downright incompetence.

We now have a choice, an opportunity to rid our country of the cancer inflicted by Umno/BN and to start afresh with Pakatan Rakyat. Yes, there are weaknesses and flaws in PR. They may not be 100% perfect (which government is?) but I am very sure they are well over 100% better than Umno/BN.

So, join me in spreading this call:


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