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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tenang By-Election Official Results

Barisan National won the Tenang by-election but short of their target of garnering a 5,000 majority. The official results :

Barisan National 6,699

PR/PAS 2,992

Majority 3,707

As expected BN hangs on to the Malay votes while the Chinese votes, with a slight increase, went to PAS.

Will Najib dare to call for the 13th GE base on this result and also with various umno leaders claiming that umno does not need the Chinese votes to stay in power?

From the results, the Chinese no longer have any faith in MCA and its relevancy.

Malaysiakini Graphic


  1. tahniah Cikgu Mala
    It was a very brave move
    alhamdulillah we are ready for 13th GE

  2. Suami Cigu Mala tu make sure jangan makan duit haraam la, terima gaji buta. Kata sakit tapi berkempen. Hipokrit punya melayu.

  3. win is win.
    Dont give any reasons for loser.
    There are more tasks to fulfil nation wide.



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