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Monday, January 10, 2011

Did Pakatan Rakyat Cause The Premature Birth Of MCLM?

If Malaysian voters still have that inclination to vote for the devil you know rather then the devil you do not know, I can safely say that Malaysia is still in the infant stage of politics and the future is not going to get any better.

For over 50 years Malaysians grew up with the knowledge of only a single coalition party governing the country. After the 90's, the birth of a two-party system for the country became a great possibility but due to many complications created by the ruling party, this was not to be – until 2008.

It was then that a “caesarean section” was performed, Pakatan Rakyat was born and a two-party system came into existence. Born late and under unusual circumstances, the newly-born became inflicted with all kinds of illnesses and time and patience were needed to raise this weak little baby.

Malaysians wanted a two-party system but, unfortunately, were not willing to give this newly-born coalition party a chance to mature. Neither did they provide whatever support needed to help heal the many sicknesses. Instead, they grumbled and complained about its deficiencies and offered little or no assistance to groom it into a healthy adult.

The common advice from our elderly when we are eager to attain our life’s goals is: "Take one step at a time; do not rush to climb up the ladder.”

Many elected politicians thought that they were always smarter than others and they fought, stepped on each other, stabbed each other in the back just to get to the top of the ladder.

Remember what one leader recently said? He talked about "crushed bodies and lost lives" to ensure his party remained at the top. These are not the type of politicians we want, fighting for their own agenda instead of looking after the people that voted them in.

Malaysia is inflicted with cancerous politics from head to toe and it thrives in most of the institutions. Yet the Government of the day keeps on denying it is ill and is not willing to seek medication or to have it cured first before embarking on the road to a true Malaysian First society and becoming a developed nation by 2020. Cancer cells are also found in the newly-minted 1Malaysia and if no curer is sought, this nation ain't going any much further.

Even though the ruling Government is hell-bent on stopping the march of a two-party system, the rakyat are pushing for it. Their hope lies in Pakatan Rakyat which was given a ‘caesarean birth’ after the 308 tsunami.

What I foresee is that it will take one or two generations before Malaysia can be rid of the present sad political situation that we are facing today. A whole new generation must emerge that is fully mature and knows how crucial it is to have a government that is credible, upholds integrity and honours its promises.

Race-based political parties must no longer exist and whichever party or independents can provide what the new generation wants must not emphasise race or religion to get elected.

In the meantime, we have to deal with the present political situation - a two-party system. There is a choice now with the existence of Pakatan Rakyat but alas, this newborn is rather a little too hot to handle with its mix of stubbornness, arrogance, selfishness, indecent performance of jumping frogs and playing around with sentiments to the extent of confusing the rakyat and even causing others to turn away disgusted.

In the midst of the fragmentation, there emerged another baby in the political arena. But this baby, though born prematurely, is healthy. It named itself MCLM.

Pakatan Rakyat is still at an early learning stage but people expect it to behave and act like an adult. They want an immediate 100% performance from PR without realising that it is an impossible task not only for PR but for any other coalition that has trodden only a two-year path.
Since PR is having problems, naturally some people will want to take a look at the newborn MCLM and what it has to offer.

MCLM, from my point of view, is not supposed to be around as yet and from what I can foresee, it should only be around one or two generations down the road. I am quite sure that it will not survive in the present political environment if it intends to go it alone. But due to the various weaknesses in Pakatan Rakyat, it was born prematurely.

Many of the founders and followers of MCLM supported the Opposition in the last GE and they intend to do so provided Pakatan Rakyat can see eye to eye with them. Both are fighting the same cause and their agenda is almost identical and we see no reason for them not to work together.

Even though MCLM may at times speak like it is on its own (can we blame it since it was was born ahead of its time) or criticising PR leaders, we must not let these criticisms cloud our minds. MCLM and PR may differ in how to get things done but the main objective or the final hoped-for end results are the same.

Since Pakatan Rakyat in a way caused the premature birth of MCLM, it should accept responsibility and work closely with MCLM to form a formidable force to fight against the big evil monster.

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