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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Leader Who Doesn't Take Risks Is No Leader


Today we are living in a world where taking risks is a must-do in order to move forward. We cannot be afraid of taking risks just because someone is telling us not to.

We take risks in almost everything we do daily. Are you not risking your safety driving to work, knowing there is always the possibility of an accident? Do you not take a risk when you decide to change your job because the company is not treating you well, for your new company may behave in the same way as the company you left behind?

You take the risk to change something because that something have fouled up and is not giving you the result that you want.

When a country's leader dares not take the risk to move the country forward because of his inability to do so and advises the rakyat not to take risks for change, the nation will fail.

It is rather sad to see Datuk Seri Najib Razak advising the people not to risk the country’s future through experimentation by voting for the Opposition, but to continue supporting Barisan Nasional (BN) in order to safeguard their future (or is it to safeguard his own future?).

This country has been under Umno/BN rule for 53 years and each year we are falling behind in almost every field compared to other Asean countries. Twenty, thirty years ago we were ahead of Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea but today we are nowhere near them while Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand are about to overtake us.

We are going down the road to becoming like Zimbabwe, because of the way Umno/BN is running this nation. Is there really any safeguard for our future when the country may be bankrupt by 2019?

To continue supporting Umno/BN will be a disaster for the people and the country. We have to take the risk to bring about change for a better future for us and the generations to come.

People must not fear to change a government that has failed its rakyat and they should boldly take the risk to usher in a new government.

The PM said BN upheld the concept of close cooperation among the component parties which shared the same ideology and that is why they have made the country successful and wish to bring it to the next level of success. Is the PM telling us the truth?

How can it be a concept of close cooperation and sharing the same ideology when for decades the behavior has been more a master-servant type of relationship?

Why does it take 53 years to bring the country to the next level when Pakatan Rakyat can do it in 100 days?

The PM likes to talk a lot especially during by-elections but we know these talks are just to garner votes. He bad-mouthed the Opposition pact, referring to it as sharing a pillow but having different dreams and ambitions, pretending to be friends in order to defeat BN and acting out a political ‘sandiwara, trying to fool the people. He says their cooperation is fragile and theirs is not a workable relationship.

The PM seems to be happy and proud of what he says because he is surrounded by speech writers and foreign advisers that provide him the notes and there are no opponents to counter his statements.

But he dares not take the risk to have an open debate with the Opposition leader regarding the economy and important national issues. He said that he is not afraid, that he has all the information and he is the Prime Minister and yet he will not debate.

I guess you all should know by now why he does not want to have this open debate, a risk he will not take because it will show up his weaknesses when he is alone facing the opponent without any assistants to provide him with the answers.

Najib said if the people choose to vote for the Opposition, the country’s future will be in jeopardy and it will not be easy for the people to get back what had been built up with much effort all these years.

How much jeopardy can the country be in when it is already in such a sad state. It would be much better to stop any further destruction caused by umno/BN and to let a new government rebuild it from scratch.

South Korea was nearly devastated by the Korean wars and Japan, from two atomic bombs but they have rebuilt and have overtaken us in many fields.

Malaysia will not progress into a developed nation if we let umno/BN continue to rape and plunder, and with the incompetent MACC not willing to perform its duty to stop this. The judiciary and PDRM will only abide by umno/BN's law which is to suppress and bring down the Opposition.

The time for Malaysian voters to take the risk is now. Do not believe what the PM is telling you - not to take risks - for he is only trying to get your votes and remain in power.


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  1. Why you want people to take risk when the feedback given to us are lies and cooked up. You can't show facts but only innuendos and manipulated lies to bring about people's hatred towards the ruling govt. Even in the states that PR rules are topsy turvy and involves a number of corrupt individuals. Then you want us to take the risk. You must be stupid.



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