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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take the new road leading to CHANGE or you are going to fall into the same pile of shit

They are not going to change and neither are they able to change. That is a FACT.

Many are still harboring the hope that they will change after receiving a few superficial changes here and there which are not going to take roots after the general election. I would call these changes as election ploys.

Under their complete arrogant and corrupt rule for 54 years and twelve general elections, do you think that is not long enough for them to help the rakyat instead of themselves if they wanted to? No way they are going to come down from their high horses and stand together with the suffering rakyat.

We must no longer be misguided by their frequent promises which have been proven many a times to be broken after they won big each election.

Together, we Malaysians can make the Change with ONE Heart. Let us take the new road leading to CHANGE and not fall into the same pile of shit again and again.

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