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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

'Cool' on the outside but 'Cold' on the inside? YOU decide!

Let the game of deceit begins.

Many must have read or heard of this English idiom (wiki): "Don't judge a book by its cover" which means

"you shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone".

Each time when a general election is approaching, you can see the talks and actions of the Prime Minister and Ministers to be ABNORMAL. Suddenly they become generous, willing to listen to the rakyat, on the spot project allocations, giving out millions and goodies like Santa Claus is in town even if it is summer time. Promises after promises of policies that they claimed will benefit the rakyat were highlighted daily on the MSM and Television.

Besides giving out on one hand the other hand is playing the fear factor mind game. May 13 was their favorite couple with race and religion being used decisively.

They continue to win election after election for the past 50 years using this same game of deceit over again and again but 308 (12GE) put a partial stop to it.

If you are over 40 years old or have voted at least twice, you can see through all these game of deceits (where most promises are simply forgotten after they won the GE) but for some they are still blind and deaf and will continue to be gullible.

The ruling government under the leadership of Najib (whom many have seen is not crafted to be a PM), knows that by using the same old game alone is no longer effective and needs to add new dimension and taste to lure the younger generation.

The present PM is very good at playing the "good cop bad cop" game. He allows his controlled MSM and allied NGOs to play the racial division and religious game while he globe trotting to promote himself as the good cop. However, for over two years all his overseas statements do not synchronized with his actions back home.

He has blundered and flip flopping on too many occasions and the rakyat are getting impatient with him. His ability to run this country is put into question. Millions that were spent on APCO did not help him at all instead he is tumbling down the ladder. He knows he has to do something fast or else his employment with the rakyat will be terminated at the 13th GE.

But, instead of sorting out all the nation's problems he put in more money to try and lift up his image. His new PR team thought that by projecting him as a 'cool' PM will save him. But as a rakyat what I want from the PM is for him to correct all the wrongs that his predecessors and himself have created and not try to be a 'cool' guy.

What's the point of being 'cool' when you can't do your job as a PM? Throwing goodies, abolishing a few already obsolete draconian laws and trying to be nice once in 5 years are not what the rakyat wanted. We do not need a 'cool' PM but a firm PM with integrity and knows how to do his job as a leader of this nation.

Malaysians must not be mistaken 'cool' to be a good sign of a capable leader and shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of the PM, by his 'cool' outward appearance alone.

My tweets on "cool' PM:

Do U want a performing PM that does his job 2 the satisfaction of the rakyat or just a good image PM wasting mil on PR
18 hours ago

A good performing leader whom rakyat can see need no mask & wasting millions 2 improve one's image @NajibRazak @cmlimguaneng @abdulhadiawang
18 hours ago

PM @NajibRazak job is 2 serve nation &the rakyat & not spend time & public funds 2 improve his image. Padding own Image is 4 loser only
18 hours ago

How can a PM remains 'cool' when Malaysians were educated 2b morons to protest & wanted Nasi Lemak 2.0 banned #blairteam
20 hours ago

How can a PM remains 'cool' when his 1Malaysia is in tatter #blairteam
20 hours ago

How can a PM remains 'cool' when our economy is failing, consumer price shooting sky high
20 hours ago

The only thing 'cool' of Najib is claiming credit for abolishing of the ISA #blairteam
20 hours ago

The only thing 'cool' about Najib is when he is a copycat of #bukujingga #blairteam
20 hours ago

How can a PM remains 'cool' when rampant corruptions are still ongoing #blairteam
20 hours ago

How can a PM remains 'cool' when justice are not seen to be served #blairteam
20 hours ago

How can a PM remains 'cool' when utusan, perkasa & certain NGOs are inciting racial & religious intolerance through the msm.
21 hours ago

If Najib wanted 2trend with 'cool' he should step down as PM,join Namewee &other youngsters that r crying out 4 equality&fairness #blairteam
22 hours ago

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