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Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Penang Hill still a historic site?

I have not been up to Penang Hill for over twenty years and yesterday I accompanied a friend from KL who wanted to go up. The weather was cloudy and rain shower on and off, just perfect.

There were not enough car park on the roadside, so I have to park it along one of the branch road further downhill and paid RM3. The whole front entrance to the station was completely changed from what it used to be, simply put "Modernised". Ticket pricing reasonable, RM8 for adult two way and for being over 55 years old I paid half the price.

I read in the news that they changed the tram car but did not expect such drastic changes. Not knowing what changes there were I fed my friend with what I knew 20 years ago. I told him we have to change train halfway and the train will be slow running and we can enjoy the view, how wrong I was.

How sad I was to see the new modern train and why do we need to have it all enclosed without windows, bad idea. More surprises coming as the train pull out. Is Penang Hill a few thousand miles away, the speed of the train is ridiculously fast and its a one go from bottom station right to the top without stopping. Why can't the speed be reduced to let people enjoy, but it can't anyway because there are no windows.

The weather is cold with wind blowing and light shower, just like spring. Mist cover the sky and view downhill was obscure, so we cannot see much of Georgetown. The whole hill center is still under construction and the rest remain more or less the same other then the display of the old tram.

I assume Penang Hill does not fall under the heritage boundary hence you see major facade changes without much consideration to retain its historic value. Today I read from Anil Netto's blog that there are more huge changes coming.

For Goodness sake leave Penang Hill alone as it is.

Scroll down to see the most eyesore signboard

The most eyesore sign board erected by the tourism of Malaysia. Why must they always claim credit that it is another BN project when the money spent are from public fund and not out of BN's pocket. I hope the State government can remove it.

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  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..



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