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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Bersih 2.0 9th July walk started & ended at KL Sentral Part 1

My Bersih 2.0 walk started and ended at the KL Sentral location point. Let me narrate my bersih story.

I was already determine to attend the rally when the date was announced and make a big mark on the calender. I have attended the first bersih and the anti ISA rallies and knew very well what to expect.

With such massive clampdown by the government two weeks before the actual date, I expected the worst to happen a day or two before the 9th. With the arrest of over 200 people simply for wearing yellow t-shirt and 6 including an MP under the EO, the rakyat should know by then that this government had gone bonker over nothing or making mountain out of a molehill.

I have some personal things to do on the 5th in KL so I decided to bunker in till the 9th. On the 6th the news is that the rally will be held inside the stadium with the Agong and PM blessing. A big sigh of relieve, even though the impact may not be that great at least it lower down the temperature after the threats of chaos from Perkasa and umno youth.

I decided then to go back home and decide later whether to attend the rally inside the stadium as I assume that it will be much easier with no hassle from the police.

But on the 7th, the PM back pedal on his agreement to allow the rally to be held inside the stadium and of course big words and threats against "illegal" bersih coming out from the home minister and pdrm. Everything that was suppose to be peaceful was turned into something that was going to be disastrous should the rally be held even inside the stadium. So the whole affair ding dong from the PM to home minister to the police the whole day.

I could not be bothered with what the government said or intended to do but I decided to attend the rally upon hearing the words of bersih chairwoman "The rally is on come what may".

Part 2: The day before and the actual day of my bersih story.

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