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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Malaysia Belongs To All Malaysians

You were born in Malaysia, received a birth certificate as proof and you received an identity card upon attaining the age of twelve and with these you are a citizen of Malaysia, hence you are a Malaysian.

Why is it so hard for the ruling government to accept this simple fact and treat each and every Malaysian with fairness. Why must they keep harping about race and religion. The Federal Constitution of Malaysia , which came into force in 1957, is the supreme law of Malaysia. Is it that difficult to run the country with this guided Constitution? Trying to misinterpret, ignoring or quote the constitution as and when it suites the government in order to hold on to power is a sure disaster.

Each time Malaysia has a new Prime Minister, Malaysians have high hope from the new PM to take the country to new heights. Each PM came in with a big bang, promising the sky and moon with each having their own slogan and using the rakyat's money to promote it aggressively. But alas the euphoria did not last long when the NATO (no action talk only) syndrome sets in.

The 4th PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir had totally destroyed the strong foundation for a workable system among the various races and religions set by his predecessors. Corruptions became part and parcel of his iron fist rule.

The 5th PM, Tun Abdullah Badawi, a new hope that the rakyat were looking up to that can reverse what Tun Mahathir had done to the nation. A Mr. Clean and soft spoken type he started a series of changes one that included the fight against corruptions. He managed to turn the old ACA into the new MACC but it did not work out well as many see it as old wine in new bottle. With his predecessor breathing down his neck, he was toppled after only one term as PM.

Everyone is more or less accustomed to the ways how these two PMs run the country be it corruptions or the NATO syndrome.

With the 6th PM, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the rakyat are now getting more worried. He is a total different creature from his two predecessors. Other than the many baggages that he carried into his premiership he is loaded with the greed for power and to have that he has gone against every principle of his own "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" slogan.

His many speeches were truly frightening while his support for Utusan and Perkasa that raised racism and religious issues against the Non Muslim reflects his inability to perform his duty as a PM for all Malaysians. His call for "lost lives and crushed bodies' to defend PutraJaya indicates that he is willing to see Malaysians die in order for him to remain in power.

What is worst is his shameless lectures to the world about Islamic moderation, democracy, corruptions and what is good for the world but back home his actions are a total 180 degree turn.

The way he handled the Pre and Post Bersih2.0 rally, his visit to the British PM and Queen, his meeting with the Vatican and what he said after returning home clearly identify his true hypocrite character.

He is using his position as PM to fight for his political party Umno and his presidency. He is fighting for SURVIVAL and he could not care a damn about the rakyat.

Najib & Co. must stop being paranoid and cast away all their imaginary enemies from within or without and stop all persecutions of the innocents.

Up to this point and having seen the damages done with not much hope of any improvement in the near future, I am sad to say that I have given up on Najib & Co.

Whichever party governs or whoever wants to be PM must know and fully understand The Federal Constitution of Malaysia and be guided by it in running this country. By all means help those in need of helping irrespective of color or creed and not those who are already rich or those who are standing on the sideline doing nothing but are well connected.

They need to know these are what the majority of Malaysians are thinking.


Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians.

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia.

We respect the King and the Constitution.

We wanted to live in peace and harmony among all the various races/ethnic groups, we respect each other and all religions

No one is planning to overthrow a legitimate government or King nor using religion, Jews, Communist or foreigners to take over the country.

Malaysians do not need to follow Egypt, Tunisia or Libya to remove their oppressive leaders,

Malaysians Only Need One Day To Topple Umno/BN
On Polling Day Of The 13th General Election
Use The Power Of Your Vote To Send Umno/BN Packing

1 comment:

  1. I think after more than 5 decades of B-UMno rule, we can safely conclude that these recalcitrants will not be changing their style nor attitude any time in the near future.

    Let's all as true Malaysians do something good for the country and do the right thing come GE13!!

    Pakatan, you guys better pull your socks up. Overall from where I am sitting, you guys really do not look that good yet. I think the jury is still out in terms of what you guys are doing in Selangor but Penang is looking very good! Can you do a Penang at the Federal level?

    Fair treatment for ALL Malaysians regardless of race or religion!

    Malaysia Belongs To All Malaysians



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