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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Malaysians Will Change Their Government Only Through The Ballot Box, Provided....

What happened in Tunisia and Egypt could well occur in Malaysia if the warning given by the Prime Minister is taken seriously. If it cannot happen, why then the warning?

People do not take to the streets for no apparent reason, more so if over a million take part in the demonstrations. When people cannot tolerate the suffering any longer, they do not need to be instigated to go against the government.

The warning given by the Prime Minister is totally uncalled for, unless it is because he feels insecure, he is not leading the country on the right path, or he is unable to contain the vast corruption nor is he able to abide by the rule of law.

Malaysians will not overthrow a corrupt and incompetent ruling government through street demonstration but through the ballot box. But here the Prime Minister must assure the rakyat that the General Election will be carried out fairly and on a level playing field. The PM must also retract his statement that umno is willing for '... crushed bodies and lost lives' to take place in order to defend Putrajaya.

Unless the PM is running the country the way other dictators are running theirs, there should be no worries about Malaysians taking to the streets to usurp his power.

The PM should stop talking about his 1Malaysia, one big family, our family spirit, fair and just policy to provide ample opportunities for every citizen and the country's wealth to be equitably distributed rhetoric when racism, corruption, NEP, ketuanan melayu, ISA, PPPA, OSA, partisan duties of the EC, MACC, PDRM, questionable Judicial decisions are all still solidly entrenched in the ruling government's policies.

My advice to the PM is this: start the walk and put into action all your talk of the past two years. You need not fear losing power if you do the right thing. But holding on to power using undemocratic means will surely see the fate of this country following the fate of Tunisia and Egypt.

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  1. Do you agree that having a dog as PM is better than our present one? - as the dog would not steal. This BN Govt is full of crooks.



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