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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do Not Be Taken In By Najib's Desperate Moves

This famous quote is being used generally by Pro-Umno/bn supporters.

"Vote for the devil you know rather than the devil/angel you do not know."

In using this quote, they are actually confirming that Umno/bn is a devil and cannot be trusted. Would you choose a devil, knowing it will suck the nation dry by way of leakages and corruption, detain you without cause, treat you like shit, torture and kill you while you are under detention? Would you choose a devil, knowing it thinks nothing of the atrocity of a foreigner being blown to pieces with C4,and that it is uninterested in transparency, equality and will every day cause racial and religious intolerance.

Or would you choose a devil/angel that you do not know but chances are that it will be better than the devil you already know - a risk that the PM does not want you and business corporations to take. How much dumber can the PM be, knowing that the world moves on mainly due to risk-taking at every opportunity? As the saying goes, "No risk no gain."

A desperate PM who is facing the reality of defeat is now digging deep into the pockets to return a small portion of what rightfully belongs to the rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat Buku Jingga (PR Orange Book) was criticised by Umno/bn, including the PM. They claimed that it would bankrupt the nation, if enforced. But what the PM is doing now is to copycat PR's Buku Jingga, short of a complete duplication of it.

I would not be complaining if what the PM does benefits the rakyat but I question his motives, WHY do this only now? And what is given is piecemeal, on an ad hoc basis, without assurance that they will not be reversed once Umno/bn wins big after the 13 GE.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced this: "The New Pantai Expressway toll rate between Petaling Jaya Selatan and Kampung Medan has been cut to RM1 from RM1.60 as a Chinese New Year gift to the residents there, "

Is this the way a government runs the country? Is this a Chinese New Year Gift or is it done to solicit votes?

A right-minded and competent government would have abolished all tolls and retained just a minimum rate for maintenance and upgrading purposes. The rakyat must not be lured to vote for Umno/bn just because of the reduction of toll rates for a few Expressways. Remember the decision can be reversed and the rates increased by much more after the party gets your votes.

"The PM pledged not to censor the Internet and said Malaysia remained a democracy."

What pledge and democracy is he talking about? At least he is smart to know that censoring the internet will lead to his having to face great repercussions. But he is not that smart after all, thinking that the rakyat will believe in him. He may not censor the internet upfront, but we know he got the MCMC, the police to work for him and he used the ISA.

What was Najib trying to prove when he said, “Let us not be apologetic about democracy in Malaysia. There is democracy in Malaysia. Sometimes I feel like there is too much democracy in Malaysia.”?

There is democracy in Malaysia just because we have election every five years and this is Umno/bn's definition of democracy? The PM feels that there is too much democracy in Malaysia and is this why he has to suppress the people more, including using the ISA, the PDRM, MACC and Judiciary to clamp down on dissidents ?

We could appreciate what the PM is trying to do for the rakayt, if the actions were sincere and on a long-term basis, but not when these occur as the general election is approaching. What Najib is doing is no different from his predecessors - dishing out goodies prior to a general election. We have seen these tactics before, again and again, election after election, and after they have won big, they conveniently renege on the promises they made.

Malaysians must not be taken in by Najib's desperate moves. The truth is that the PM fear of losing power is for real. What he is giving out is just a fraction of what belongs to the rakyat. His ploy is to get the gullible voters to vote Umno/bn in with a greater majority and that is about it.

What the rakyat need are not these short-term piecemeal goodies but long-term solutions to the many problems plaguing the nation. The PM has not uttered a word on how he is going to tackle the vast corruption in the country, knowing full well that all the money saved could possibly help to remove all toll charges, build more schools and the many other things that the Government could do for the rakyat. Instead, when challenged by the rakyat, the answer given is that there is no money.

The PM's complete silence regarding police brutality, death in custody and lately, the former IGP's claim that the police were responsible for ops lalang finally confirm that the nation is a police state.

If the PM does not find ways and means to make changes to outdated policies and to weed out the root problems of the various institutions that lead to major sicknesses - corruption, detention without trial, death and torture during detention, deteriorating race and religious relations, ketuanan melayu, suppression of freedom of speech, lack of transparency, an 'uneducated' education system, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer plus the bloated PM's office and ministry - the voters must send Umno/bn packing come the 13th general election.

No ifs or buts! They have to go. We stand a better chance with the devil/angel that we do not know than the devil we have known for over 50 years that is not doing anything good for the nation and the rakyat.

For better or for worse, we cannot afford to wait until we face the same situation as Tunisia and Egypt. We need to change and save Malaysia now.

Malaysians Only Need One Day To Topple Umno/BN - Polling Day Of The 13th General Election

Use The Power Of Your Vote To Send Umno/BN Packing

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  1. zahril is Chinese not MalayFebruary 25, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Zahril Khir Johari is chinamen ahpek. the step son of his chinese wife.

    so what is strang with his chinse racist look. Blame his mother for marrying a malay.. leaving him a social outcast.



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