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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Happen Now, 16 September 2008 Is Over?

The war is still on going, the route to capture the capital city is not that easy. Yes, 16th September comes and goes and the talk of taking over the capital city did not materialized. Many are disappointed while the opponent is relief and still acting arrogant.

There are many reports and news about the thousands that attended the Malaysia Day gathering, including this blogger, at Kelana Jaya Stadium on the 15th September. Malaysiakini reports about this gathering here.

I specifically went down from Penang to attend this gathering was to show my protest against the ISA arrest of Teresa Kok, Raja Petra and journalist Tan Hoon Cheng (since released).

I need not go through the details of the gathering as many must have read about it through Malaysiakini and other reliable online blogs and news media.

The important point here is that a majority of the public do not agree with these ISA arrests. I had spoken to a few malays whom I met while taking the trip to the gathering, by bus, LRT, Monorail and taxi. All of them indicate that they are not happy about these ISA arrest thing.

I read this posting from Teresa Kok blog "Sassy MP" and request all of you to,

Let's Cheer Up Teresa

We’ve decided we’ll bring some cheer to Teresa and everybody can be part of this initiative.

Being locked up in a small room with no windows and only artificial lights is very intimidating, especially when one starts to lose track of time and the body and mind struggle to adjust to the new hostile environment.

We encourage you to write to her with messages of support. Send the email to and we will print them out and try to get her lawyer(s) to pass them on to her when they meet.

1) If you want to remain anonymous and not have your personal details printed, put “anonymous’ in the subject field.

2) If you prefer the email not be printed but left on server for her to read when she gets out, please put “private” in subject field.

Wouldn’t it be great coming home and finding one has MORE mails than spams?

Please do something for her and cheer her up by writing a short note.

My thoughts on Anwar's take over plan.

This is just like a war to take over a country but does not involve soldiers killing each other. This is a psychological and political war between one man and the whole government. Although the 16th September promise did not materialized, the government was totally shaken and chaos reign within their leaders and members of the coalition partners because of just one man.

From the beginning, although I am hoping for a change of government, I feel that Anwar does not have the numbers to do so. Other then himself and maybe one or two of his closest aides, no one else knows if he can or has the numbers to take over the government.

What he is trying to do is to create as much tension and chaos among the ruling government especially UMNO to self destruct. By claiming that 30 or so MPs are crossing over to allow him a slim majority to take over seems to work. UMNO press the panic button by sending around 50 of their MPs overseas for a so call study tours which nobody believe. Sensing that the study tour does not convince the public, they use the ISA on Raja Petra, an innocent journalist, Tan Hoon Cheng and a woman MP, Teresa Kok hoping that riots will start and they can take the opportunity to rule by emergency. This also backfire.

All actions seem not to be working for UMNO and neither it is working for Anwar who thought that the chaos and tension he created within BN/UMNO will led to more MPs fleeing BN/UMNO to join PR just before 16th September.

So after 16th September, there is no winner or loser and the whole game of poker will have to start from fresh.

Have Faith, Hope And The Strength To Fight This War.
Although it looks like Anwar maybe bluffing this time round, I have Faith and Hope that he has the strength to fight this war until the day we have a change of government. The important thing he must ensure is that no riots and chaos are started because of his acts to take over the government. If it cannot be done now, be patient and wait till the next General Election.

I am hopping that the rakyat will not be taken in because 16th September did not materialized and start to blame Anwar or calling him a liar.

Let us all continue to have faith, hope and strength to see that one day the change of government will happen.

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