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Monday, September 22, 2008

PM Must Be Investigated For This Statement -Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini Headlines
I stopped PM from ordering Yong's arrest
Former Sapp deputy president Raymond Tan claims that he had intervened in June to deter an anti-graft investigation against party president Yong Teck Lee.
More details at Malaysiakini.

If what is reported above is true, then something is very wrong with our legal system. There are many implications to it and I suggest that some legal expert from the bar council start investigating the PM and Raymond Tan for obstructing justice.

Has Yong Teck Lee committed any crime? If he had, then the police must take action and if Raymond Tan knew about any offence committed by Yong, he should assist the police investigation. Instead he stopped the PM from ordering Yong's arrest and by Raymond statement the PM did take his advise.

The next question, has the PM the power to over rule any police action by taking order from someone, whether to arrest or not to arrest anyone person? If he does, then my perception is that the PM order the police to arrest the journalist Tan Hoon Cheng and not the Ahmad who by law had committed a serious offence, Raja Petra and MP Teresa Kok by obeying the instructions given by someone of status just like Raymond Tan case with Yong Teck Lee.

The statement by Raymond Tan that he "stopped PM from ordering Yong's arrest" prove all along that justice is not carried out according to the law of this country but to the command of UMNO leaders.

Can the PM be charged for obstructing justice? Will the bar council take a serious view and action into this kind of behavior and not just passing resolutions after resolutions but no actions.

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