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Monday, April 22, 2013

Manifesto does not represent a credible government with integrity

Umno perkasa bn presented a well documented manifesto full of large figures and pledges which we, the common laymen, would never understand.

They have presented 12 manifestos for the past 12 general elections and have they really complied or implemented all of them?

Their 13th manifesto is the worst among all the others, either they copy outright from Pakatan Rakyat or the figures they gave are just pure lies.

I will just highlight three of their lies:

1) BR1M to continue and increase to RM1200 and other Cash in kinds to students and elderly folks.

Penang PR state government gave out Cash from surplus account and not borrowing from any sources.

Our national debt is now over RM500 billions, where the hell are they going to get the money to give out the estimated RM8billions annually?

This they can never tell you until they get your vote and retain federal power. But using common sense we know they will find ways to get back from you via GST, various taxes and other up in their sleeves.

Can we be on our way to be a developed nation when well over 6 millions rakyat still depend on these kind of Cash handouts?

2) They promise to build 1 million affordable housing within their five years term.

This is a straight out lie and an impossible task to do. Do you know that in order to complete the 1 million houses they have to start building the day they retain power by completing 548 units a day, everyday for the next five years?

3) They promise to create 3.3 million jobs.

The statistic taken from and I averaged it at around 400, 000 unemployed persons monthly.

If they can create 3.3 million jobs in 5 years, that means at 660,000 per year. Compare this to the figure above, we will have a negative unemployment percentage within 5 years. That means everyone will have a job and recruit workers from other countries.

Can you believe that?

My dear fellow Malaysians, this GE 13 is not about which party presented the best manifesto. We have seen how bad umno perkasa bn have run the nation for 56 years, become so corrupt and the divide and rule getting more prominent.

Pakatan Rakyat have proven themselves to be performing very well at state level and we should give them an opportunity to rule at Federal level. Make the change for GE 13 and if they failed to perform we can always kick them out in GE 14.

Ubah Ini Kali Lah

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  1. Absolutely right that we need to have a change otherwise they'll non stop asking for another 5 yrs'term. Look!how many 5 years already there
    since independance! My 2 friends had each encountered different experience, i.e. 1) When she asked Yap Peng Hon for help, you want to know how he answer, Listen carefully "I'm no angel ah!", 2) another one was at Nicole Wong's office at Jln Raman, Happy Gdn, Jln Klang
    Lama, K.L.:- she brought a friend who needed social welfare help, instead she was only given a form to fill up and was asked to do it person ally at Social Welfare Dept. On top of that they'd the cheek to ask my friend to do volunta ry work for MCA w/o any petrol allowance too & she had overheard one of the staff said "we've to do all these bundles of forms bcos all are our own members"' So, dear all Malaysians, be wise to cast your own votes on 5/5/13 bcos the future of our next generations depend on our votes!!! They only started to give away goodies after seeing what PR had done & some more only started only from 2012, why not start to do it immediately after taken office?



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