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Friday, April 26, 2013

GE 13 : Vote with anger, wipe away corruptions, racism, religious intolerance and FEAR.

Are they trying to share their FEAR of losing power by orchestrating the many violence we are seeing lately?

Umno perkasa bn have been telling people that CHANGE will lead to chaos and violence and only by staying with them will we see peace and stability.

But what are we observing today, daily reports of violence going on and they are still the caretaker government yet they are not doing anything to curb nor condemn the ongoing violence.

Have you heard the caretaker PM ordering the violence to stop or the police to take drastic action against whomever are perpetuating these violence? NO and WHY?

Instead of trying to stop the violence they go further by issuing statements of chaos and violence help by national television stations and their controlled MSM repeatedly reminding everyone of May 13.

General election is about electing a government that is going to run the nation with the rakyat in mind, a non violence government who will abide by the constitution and laws of this land.

Political parties running for general election should be campaigning about their manifestos, policies and how they are going to run, manage the country in a transparent and fair manner.

Voters must not FEAR or be confused by the threat of chaos and violence being perpetuated by umno perkasa bn leaders. The more they threaten the more angrier we should be and vote with anger on polling day to show that we do not need this kind of government to hang the FEAR over us at every general election.

This GE 13 we are not only voting against corruptions, racism, religious intolerance but voting away the FEAR that hang over our head for 56 long years.

GE 13
Vote A B C D
Anything But Cap Dacing

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