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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Totally lost respect for an incompetent and bias PM

The soon to be powerless leaders are scrambling to seek divine in historical books like The Art Of War - Sun Tzu and The Three Kingdoms. In fact most political leaders have all along secretly reading these books, never mind if they were written by foreigners, as long as they can apply the methods to win and stay in power.

War is never a good thing, people get killed, properties destroyed and the ramification cause will be tremendous, yet these leaders have no qualm in going to war.

We have to go to war, without choice, should there be an invasion on our soil from outsiders. But there must be something seriously wrong with leaders should they permit a war to start within the nation, own citizens killing each other?

Thank God the internal war in this country has not started due to tolerance right minded Malaysians, albeit a one sided one, cause by gangsters and hooligans with speculations that they are state sponsored. These speculations may turn out to be true after all, judging from the leaders non action and silence as compared to the fast and furious actions taken against Bersih 3.0

The Prime Minister has the right to condemn Bersih 3.0 all he wants even though investigation is ongoing on the exact cause of chaos but his silence on the continue gangsterism and hooliganism which targeted mostly at opposition functions, NGOs forums, individual like Ambiga are truly worrying. "Qui tacet consentit" (silence implies consent)

A Prime Minister that screamed and shouted that he is the PM for all Malaysians and Malaysia has the best democracy in the world but now is suing Malaysians for causing damage to public property due to large crowd at Bersih 3.0 rally even though the investigation has yet to conclude who the real culprits were.

When you hold power you are acknowledged to be tough but why want to act extra tougher against the innocent rakyat by claiming (without a shred of evidence) that Bersih 3.0 rally goers are there to overthrow the government. You completely lost your dignity and respect by insulting the 200K Malaysians attending the rally.

The fast and furious actions taken against any group and individual that criticised the government but letting loose the criminal act of gangsterism and hooliganism may have hit the nerves of Malaysians across the board and I for one have totally lost respect to a PM that is incapable of running the nation in a non partisan way. Has he forgotten he is a PM of a nation and not his party when performing his governmental duties?

The Bar Council was chastised to be partisan when it passed a resolution that does not bolt well with the ruling regime. So, Mr. Prime Minister, are you truly non partisan when you said that you are the PM for all Malaysians? Or is the 'all Malaysians' only meant for those that praises you including the gangsters and hooligans that go on rampage against those that criticised the government?

Studying The Art of War can help you win the war or to stay in power but any wrong move can also backfire or bring destruction and chaos. 

Peace is what people wanted in their shot span of life on this earth and if you can fight a political war through peaceful means you can be the winner anytime.

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