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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Leave the sinking Titanic now!

"Just Trust Us Sdn Bhd" (JTU) is the biggest corporation in this country for 54 years running. In a nation that comprises of many races, smaller corporations were formed to operate businesses to suit each individual race. In no time these small corporations were bought over by "Just Trust Us Sdn Bhd" and incorporated into a major company called "Just Follow Our Command Sdn. Bhd" (JFOC) to which "Just Trust Us Sdn. Bhd" remains the major shareholders.

There are many private corporations that are envy of "JTU" and "JFOC" successes (even though by dubious means). They tried many times in corporate take over bids but failed miserably.

Even though "JFOC" is in the forefront carrying out the daily business, it is "JTU" that controls every single thing from behind. All top portfolios in "JFOC" are themselves holding high position in "JTU". Every three years election is called to elect who will be the management team in "JTU" and even though there are thousands of shareholders only a handful are allowed to vote. "JTU" is in fact owned and controlled by a handful of close and trusted associates and will remain so as long as other shareholders dare not raise the issue.

"JFOC" has its own functioning system and election but it is not of significance as "JTU" is the real master behind it all.

"JTU" and "JFOC" are having good run for over fifty years, making tonnes of money, dubious transactions, siphoning "JFOC" corporate money and depositing in overseas accounts, living a very good life themselves while other shareholders are left with nothing or just pittance to survive on a daily basis.

Over the years shareholders have been hoodwinked into believing that "JTU" and "JFOC" were doing fine and both corporations remain strong that they will never be placed under receivership nor face insolvency.

But lately, cracks are showing up, signs of mismanagement, inappropriate transactions that cause huge loses and a claimed that "JFOC" may go bankrupt soon. Shareholders are complaining and showing their dissent publicly but "JTU" and "JFOC" management teams are not listening. New lies are born to cover up old lies and disciplinary actions taken against those shareholders who are more vocal.

A titanic that boasted it can never sink had hit an iceberg and about to sink. This titanic is gonna sink for sure and those in it are going to drown if they don't leave the sinking ship now. If they leave now, at least there is still a chance to survive and see another day.

Help is on the way, another big corporation "PR Sdn. Bhd" had been formed, which is more trustworthy and on the verged of taking over "JFOC". This new corporation had shown their ability to run businesses with integrity and transparency. Every transaction account will be opened for viewing to shareholders. The management team are people with integrity, honesty and they will ensure that all profits generated will be distributed equally. They will not entertain any dubious business transactions nor corruptions.

Shareholders of "JTU" and "JFOC" must not cling on to these corporations that had failed to give out dividends, lied to so often, rampant corruptions and have no intention of helping shareholders except their own associates.

Shareholders of "JTU" and "JFOC" should let go of their shares and invest in this new corporation "PR Sdn Bhd" that is genuinely helping each and every shareholders. Give it a chance and if you feel dissatisfied with their performances you can always sell your shares and reinvest into "JTU" and "JFOC" should they be wise to have make a corporate transformation.

Shareholders have nothing to lose but everything to gain by leaving a failing corporation and invest into a more stable and reliable one. Don't you think?

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