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Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't Change Your Country, Change Your Government - Edited

Note: Edited version. Thanks to sister Farida (SABM), she corrected the grammar and vocab mistakes. Sorry for my poor English but the message for change still has to go out.


A very inspiring and notable tweet from YB Hannah Yeoh yesterday prompted me to put up this posting.

@hannahyeoh Just heard news another young lawyer friend will b migrating 2Australia.Young people,don't lose hope.Dont change ur country,change ur govt!

This country is going through the worst of times since Merdeka in terms of quality of education, denial of human rights, corruption etc. and institutions are not performing their duties without fear or favor but instead are bowing to the demands of the ruling elite.

We can see how this country is faring - from being the best in Asia to being the best of the worst. All along we have seen that the government is simply happy to be in this category and has not striven to attain the "best among the best" status.

Other than a possible economic disaster, there is also the real threat of being bankrupt by 2019, the possibility of racial and religious issues exploding. The government is still reluctant to face and deal with these issues head-on but is allowing them to simmer, all in the 'good' name of 'sensitivity'.

Each Prime Minister, upon taking charge, always comes out with his own individual slogan calling for this and that but at the end of the day these slogans have failed miserably, the situations get worse economically, there is racial disunity and religious intolerance, and the institutions deteriorate into just "yes man" to the "powers" that be.

All these slogans, be they economy or unity plans have one thing in common: they are crafted based on political expedience. I have yet to see one that is successfully implemented or sustainable over a reasonable period of time. All we see are billions of ringgit lost through leakages and corruption, these are the only plans that are successful and sustained over all these years since independence.

The present PM's economy plans and his unity call of 1Malaysia are superb, but just like previous PMs' initial euphoria, they will not take root but will taper off after the wins at each general election or when a new PM takes over.

I fully agree that subsidies have to go but not when these savings are not put into proper use or for the benefit of the rakyat, but are instead poured into into egoistic and prideful monstrous projects. Spending millions to engage foreign consultants is an insult and shows disrespect to our own rakyat's capability. For all we know there may be leakages and corruption along the way.

Without looking into and rectifying these glaring issues, such as the 'ketuanan melayu' mentality, discrimination, adulterated education system, hidden hands sowing racial hatred and religious intolerance with impunity, censoring of freedom of speech and the democratic process, maintaining inhuman acts such as the ISA, OSA plus other outdated acts, lack of capability in the serious fight against corruption and the institutions acting and behaving above the law, all of the PM's plans and promises will simply not come to fruition.

The irksome thing about the government is that it thinks that the rakyat are fools. It makes promises, offers superficial grant as bait, and hopes voters will continue to be gullible and vote its members in again and again.

Thousands upon thousands have left this country and thousands more will be leaving, simply because they have not been able to achieve what a normal citizen in any country would have.

One thing the rakyat always forget is that they have the power and means to elect a clean and good government - one that will abide by the oath taken, will be guided by the law and Constitution and will govern the country without fear or favor.

As what YB Hannah Yeoh had tweeted, why do you need to change your country when you can change the bad under-performing government that is tainted with racist, arrogant and corrupt leaders.

You are migrating because the other country is offering you what you cannot get as a citizen from your own country. Fair enough, but did it occur to you that if you stay back, help to fight for the change for a better government, you might find that your future here may be better and brighter than in the country you intended to migrate to?

So, use your voting power to take back your country and demand what belongs to you as a citizen of this country.

Nothing is ever too late, if we have the heart and mind to see it through. The 13th GE is the best opportunity for us to see the change that we have yearned for all these years.

Young people, don't lose hope. Don't change your country, change your government! Together, we can DO IT

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