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Thursday, December 9, 2010

1Malaysia "Saying SORRY Not Our Culture !"

Is it really that hard to say "SORRY", especially when one is a Minister or leaders running this country?

Yes, it is very hard indeed for our leaders to say the simple word "SORRY" when they have done wrong or offended the rakyat with their no brain statements.

All patriotic Malaysian Chinese have not forgotten what the present Prime Minister did in 1987 with his racist stance. Has he said "SORRY" for being a racist, I did not hear or read about it, anyone can confirm?

Raising of the kris and being asked, when they are going to use it, had hurt many but the insincere apology came with an 'if'.

There are many instances of racist remarks coming out from the civil servants right up to Ministerial levels and all they can say is either they were misquoted or not intentional but to say "SORRY", its very hard, just not their culture to say it.

Not a single leader thus far has felt "SORRY" for the billions of ringgit that just evaporated into thin air over all these years and abused of power by lawmakers including most departments of the institutions. Everyone is acting like they are above the law with no shame of their guilt, how can one expect them to say "SORRY".

Altantuya was murdered on Malaysian soil and two Malaysian policemen were found guilty of committing the crime and yet the Government finds it so difficult to say "SORRY" or show any sympathy to the victim's family, neither are they willing to do so on a Government to Government basis.

Another Umno leader who refuses to apologise for his statement regarding the poor response from the non Malays joining the army has proven yet again how hard it is for any of them to simply say "SORRY".

The following comments from Malaysiakini readers:

Nicole: Since when have Umnoputra ministers really cared about the sensitivities of the 'nons' in the last 53 years? They have been pushing it especially after Tunku Abdul Rahman was deposed.

All they have done is to pretentiously create all sorts of so-called bumiputera sensitivities and made themselves become unquestionable and unaccountable for all infractions, discrimination and corruption.

The insults felt by the non-Malays are real and substantiated by history, while the artificial and exaggerated taboos of the Umnoputras are often frivolous, egoistical and faked.

Apa Nak: So Umno talk about transformation but their leaders are as arrogant as ever. Too proud to say sorry for wrong words used. A true leader is a person who dares to admit his mistake and apologise. We are all human and we do make mistakes. Either Umno leaders are super human or they are not human.

KSN: In making yesterday's statement, Zahid still had to use 'if'? You are not sure? Or are you just being arrogant? Or is that all the generosity 50 percent of our population deserve? In the same breadth you talked about 1Malaysia? Indeed, you do not qualify to talk about that subject.

Justicekini: If I was House speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, I would never allow Zahid to say another word, suspended him and asked him to do his homework by reading up on history books. Pandikar should have refer him to the rights and privileges committee.

What Zaid said held no water, but now he is asking us to work together? Have we not worked together for the last 53 years? We have always been 'one Malaysia', with or without the 1Malaysia slogan. Now I see Malaysians more divided than ever.

Albert: "I did not mean to hurt the feelings of the non-bumiputera community." This is a typical response from some idiotic Malays. The same explanation was provided for the racist comments hurled at our young students by the two principals in Kedah and Johor.

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in their minds? It could really be a misunderstanding. But then I would argue that they are not brought up properly. You do not insult your fellow countrymen, and say that it was nothing but a misunderstanding. Or could it be that they do not care what the minority rakyat (i.e Indians, Chinese, etc) think?

Punishments are not forthcoming. At worst, they'll just be transferred to another position. There is simply no sense of responsibility or accountability or remorse for their actions or deeds.

Ferd Tan: With the general election looming, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is now scared that his statement of the lack of 'strong patriotism' among the non-bumi had offended their feelings. He has strong reasons to be afraid, very afraid - his Bagan Datok, Perak constituency has 42.8 percent non-bumiputera.

With his insult against them, he has indirectly insulted his 14,800 Indians and Chinese voters in his constituency. Come next election, we hope his non-bumiputera voters will not forget his insult.

Let's teach him a lesson by not voting for him. This is the only way to get rid of any racialist leaders who are bent on playing with gutter politics.

Rolls-Royce: M Kulasegaran, you 'pun satu macam' (one kind). If a person wants to apologise, it must come from a sincere and remorse heart. A solicit or a 'forced' apology is no apology. If he apologise sincerely and without condition, it shows he is a man. If he apologises grudgingly after your prompting, both of you are kids.

Forget it Kula, apologies are actually a convenient way for recalcitrant people to repeat their recalcitrance.

Mohd Noor Ahmad: One speech for the general elections, one speech for Umno elections, one speech for Deepavali open house, one speech for Chinese New Year open house and one speech for Raya open house. Different speeches for different audience. Typical Umno, true hypocrites.

Patriot: The day the BN government appoints a non-Muslim bumiputera as the head of the Armed Forces, the inspector-general of police, head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), you will find a long queue of non-Malay applicants.

The key issue is that non-Malays do not have promotional opportunities to get to the top of the food chain. However, if you get yourself circumcised, you may rise to a colonel position in a non-important unit.

Since independence, other than ex-naval chief K Thanabalasingam, who else has risen to a top post? For that matter, which university has ever appointed a non-Malay to be its vice-chancellor?

So what does 1Malaysia means to us? Even DPM Muhyiddin Yassin has said he is Malay first, Malaysian second. No wonder thousands of Malaysians now, even Malays, are migrating.

Here in the UK, you can see hordes of Malaysians working, and hordes of Umnoputras' wives shopping in Harrods. We should not change our country, but change the party ruling Malaysia.

Stingray: My father's younger brother fought the Japanese invaders and then the communists when serving with the British Army. He was captured by the communists and never found again. Does this make Zahid and the recent bumiputera 'pendatangs' any more sensitive?

Cheong Sai Fah: Sure Zahid, you didn't mean to hurt our feelings. Just like many others before you who called us "pendatang", "Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese, especially the women, came to sell their bodies", and even threatened us with the withdrawal of our citizenship.

No, you don't hurt our feelings. But we will express our displeasure in the only way open to us.

Not Confused: In any mature democracy that espoused and practiced honesty, integrity and professionalism, this brainless minister would have resigned immediately. Not here in sad, sad Malaysia.

Rakyat Malaysia: As a minister, you should be aware of making racist remarks if you were truly practising 1Malaysia, unless you are an Umno racist, which is true in this case. 1Malaysia is nothing more than a marketing talk by BN-Umno thieves.

Zahid should know better. Issuing a statement like this does not change anything. This just gives other Umno people a way to make racist remarks first and then issue another 'I didn't mean to' statement again. Easy. You don't get punished for your racist remarks. But when others fight racism, Umno will be all over them.

What is Umno really, but a racist party. We should enact a law so that it is a violation to make racist remarks, and punish the racists to 10 years' jail.

James Dean: Zahid, you didn't mean what you said then, so similarly you also don't mean what you say now. Unless you make a direct apology, all what you have just said is hollow.

malaysiasakit: It is not true to say the Armed Forces do not promote non bumiputras. In fact they habitually do promote non bumiputras who are incompetent, ball lickers so that these guys can be subservient to those in the highest levels of command. Occassionally, these incompetent non bumis are used as examples why non bumis are not promoted cos those promoted do not perform. So there is a sinister plot to undermine the participation of non bumis in the Armed Forces. Now we know why the Minister refuses to apologise.

JUSTICE KINI: If you are truelly in the Armforces.You will courtmarsal can dismiss without any medals or appreciation.How much do you know about our forces.Be with them,stay with them,Learn from them.Many have alredy given various for your remarks from Top to bottom.I rather have a EX ATM chief in your position who knows nothings of ATM,you are also one of the choosen one of unelected PM.In election you fish vote vote by promises goodies and cash Likewise you should improve your input to get more non Malays in the force.Its your Job to find one.If you cannot do not swiping statement or retire from this Ministry.Najib is able to create post and position just as Samy Vellu.Final ? acticle our submarine can not dive.At least get that done.if not mere waste of the Taxpayers money.

AyerTawar: They, the Minister, teacher, headmaster, police and civil servants by whatever rank are the Tuan of the country. Forget about an apology as long as the offender is the Tuan. Only a change of government will change this culture and retarded mentality and make this country a better one for all.

Anonymous: Its your fault. Ask si mata sepet MCA and si botol MIC and they will disagree with you people. Yer in, year out and their loyalty remain with umno.

Sad: Zahid Hamidi is a recalcitrant. Infact many in UMNO are also recalcitrant.

never vote for BN: Thank you Zahid, Thank you!

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