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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Malaysia! What Is Your Real Problem?

All countries, just like any individual person or family has its own problems. Can we define "problem" as man make or self create? I would dare to say that "problem" derive from our own doing that are cascaded down from some initial point other than the Act Of God situation.

Malaysia, a developing country has its own problems but the problems that one sees daily can be avoided if one choose to do so. After 51 years of Independence should we not be in the league of the developed country or we prefer to continue fighting among the races and continue with religious issues. As a 54 years old Malaysian, I have being through the whole process of Malaysia developing from a peaceful, harmonious and racial unity to an uncertain, racial and religious conflict that is dividing the country apart.

In the sixties, our command of English and the education system are among the top in Asia and we have the best road infrastructure. Today, we are heading nowhere in our education performance and although the road infrastructure have increase in quantity the quality is in question.

The sixties also see a very unified social mix of all races, in school, civil servants in government departments, private enterprises and almost everywhere. Today, we are harping on quotas, malay unity, ketuanan and pitting against each other, not on the advancement of each individual or country but to create hate and suspicion.

Why are we turning from a unified and prosperous Malaysia to a divided and pauper Malaysia. So, Malaysia ! What Is Your Real Problem?

When servant do not listen to the boss, there is a problem. When one is power crazy, that is a problem. When one is greedy, that is a problem. The problem with Malaysia is all the three put together.

The ruling government do not listen to its rakayt who employ them to run the country. The leaders are power crazy and most of them are greedy, i.e corrupt, with no limit amount that can satisfy them.

The most dangerous problem happening now in Malaysia is power crazy. Like many other countries that sink to the bottom are because of power craziness.

But Malaysia is getting worst, in order to stay in power, racial and religious issues are brought into play. The repercussion is going to be devastating if it is allow to continue. There is no way that common folks like you and me can do to stop all these craziness except for the ruling government to wake up and act decisively. But sad to say, at this moment, the leaders are blinded by self interest rather then the love for the country and the rakyat.

There are so many racial, political and religious issues everyday that you read from Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday and other online news portal.

A very glaring Malaysiakini headline today,
'The changes will have to come about. If these changes are not addressed soon, people are going to come out onto the streets'.

Malaysia ! What Is Your Real Problem? From no problem you are self creating major problems just to satisfy a selected few egos.

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