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Friday, August 15, 2008

Killing US Softly With Their Acts!

My goodness, there are so many things in my mind and trying to express them is so difficult especially when one is not a writer or journalist. But somehow, my thoughts need to be expressed one way or another and using the blogs is the best way.

You can never miss all the news about the way the ruling government is softly "killing" the country and its rakyat just to remain in power. Just read the news on the "permitted" demonstrations by UITM students throughout the country. Malaysiakini reported today, UiTM students in Permatang Pauh protest. Why are they allow to demonstrate when the law stated that demonstration is illegal and the DPM stressed that it is not our culture to demonstrate. Of course when you demonstrate and it is advantage to umno, you are not wrong but if you demonstrate on anything disadvantage to umno, you will be ISA'ed or the FRU and police will come down hard on you.

Today we read yet another sorry state of the umno/bn control medias news. Teresa Kok express her disappointment and sadness over the way umno/bn control newspaper highlighted her and the Selangor Sate Excos meeting with various business groups.

A few abstracts from Teresa Kok's Blog.

Hillslope policy and The Sun’s mischievous heading

I was quite chissed off yesterday when I read the front page report with the heading of “Hillslope Policy To Be Reversed?” piece published in The Sun dated 14th August 2008.

The news report said that the developers association (Rehda) has lobbied Ronnie Liu and I to reverse the no-hillslope-development policy in Selangor, and the writers said both of us have coaxed the Menteri Besar of Selangor to meet with Rehda people, as the MB was not in favour of meeting with the group.

My God, I did not expect the two journalists whom I have respected very much, namely Nadeswaran and Terence Fernandez can write such a presumptious article based on hearsay, and they can be so adamant in believing their hearsay from others and refused to give me justice.

You can read the complete story here.

I had stop reading the umno/bn control newspapers for over five years and this is one of the reasons that I refuse to read any of them. They can twist the facts, spin and dance to the tune of their master, and that is umno.

Online news portal like, Malaysiakini, Malaysia-Today or Malaysian Insider cover quite a broad perspective of our local news. Whether they are true, spinning or twisted news we can judge from other readers respond immediately through letters or blog comments. Try writing letters which are negative about umno to the newspapers and see whether they are published, chances is that it will never see the light of the day.

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