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Friday, November 1, 2013

What more do you want, Paktan Rakyat elected representatives?

GET DOWN TO WORK! That is what I and the voters would have wanted those Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament and state assemblymen/women who have been elected in GE 13 to do.

You should know better the differences between an elected representative and party position. Know your position and standing inside the party before you decide to stand as candidate. Once you are elected the voters are hopeful that you will perform your duty as an MP or assemblyman/woman of the party you represented and there is no turning back till the next general election.

You cannot just decide to turn independent and side with umno/bn because you have internal problems with your party, that is your individual problem and not the voters. There is always room for discussion and solution to resolve any internal conflict that you may face inside your party. If you cannot resolved your problem internally and decided that leaving the party and turn independent (but sided with umno/bn)is the way it shows that you are not suitable to be an elected representative. Hence the only way for you is to resign and let voters decide a more suitable candidate in a by election.

Ask yourself why you join the party and being selected to stand as candidate which you finally won. Is it because of you that voters voted you and not the party? If you were to stand as an independent do you think you can win? As far as I know up till GE13 majority of voters have voted along party line and not an individual.

If you are not happy because you cannot get what you want, be it power, position or monetary by all means please leave. Or because you cannot accept criticism within your party, then leave, as voters can see that you won't be able to accept their criticism as well.

Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives must understand that they are voted in is because the majority of voters wanted change and they believe that change will come. The voters voted you in is to see the process of change or will happen and not for you to become arrogant, greedy in the likes of umno/bn.

So, to those Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives who are thinking of turning independent (but siding with umno/bn)please explain to the voters, WHY? Do not tell us because you have differences and cannot work with party leaders, that are not reasons but excuses which are unacceptable. You are responsible to the voters who voted you in unless you are an irresponsible person with no integrity and your moves are already pre-planned to get what you wanted!

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