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Monday, February 11, 2013

Are you ready for PSY, YES, YES, YES Are you ready for BN 'SAI' NO, NO, NO

Why must umno-bn be so desperate to play politics even during the Chinese New Year and they claim they are not when they brought in PSY to perform in Penang. The event happening proved that they lied and indeed its all about politicking and not about celebrating the Chinese New Year with Penangnites even to the extend that PSY refused to join in.

My two tweets before the day of the event:

Richard Loh ‏@MalaysiaForAll 2 Feb
A quick poll via sms to friends of both sides. 'Any advantage 4umno-bn to bring in PSY' All 10 friends say NO! 6 added that it may backfire!

Richard Loh ‏@MalaysiaForAll 6 Feb
Penangnites welcome @NajibRazak @drchuaSL with open arms 2celebrate CNY No political speeches/politicking if ur sincere 2 celebrate with us

Watch the following YouTube and see how Penangntes welcome PSY and totally rejected umno-bn Najib 'SAI":

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