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Monday, December 10, 2012

Penang Lang must defend Penang at all cost

Your PM is blackmailing and using his 'legal' bribery 'I help you, you help me' bribing his way to recapture Penang. Penangnites must not fall into this dangerous trap.

Your Prime Minster has proven beyond doubt that he is a very weak and incapable leader. His daily speeches, a multitude of plea, threat, admission, omission and deceptive promises that allowed one to see how a man looks like when the fear of losing power is imminent.

His latest trip to Penang on the 8th December 2012 was to galvanize support to retake Penang in the next General Election with more ambiguous speeches and deceptive promises.

Every Malaysian must ask this question "Who is paying for all the extravagant expenses of your PM playing Santa Claus Merry going round the country"?

What kind of leadership is he trying to prove, a leadership for all Malaysians or just to those who like and support his Umno coalition BN?

He made a call to Penangnites to ensure a BN victory only then will they get to have (mind you, only pledges) 20,000 affordable homes and monorail. Is he a real joker PM or what? Can I put three questions to him.

What has Umno/BN done during their 50 years of taking power in Penang when these affordable homes and monorail were much needed back as early as the late 90's?

Is your PM trying to say that there will be no help from the Federal government if Penang is still under Pakatan Rakayat?

If that is the case, can Penangnites insist that they will not pay their taxes directly to Federal government but instead to the State government?

1Malaysia was incorporated into your PM GTP (Government Transformation Plan) and it failed miserably, now he is saying it was deliberately designed to be vague, can you believe that? Will he said again that the whole GTP is a vague planning should it collapse or failed, which is now seen failing by the day?

A PM leading a nation with vagueness and ambiguity should not be making all sorts of promises. What happened if you give your mandate for him to run another term and he failed to implement his promises and tell you that all the promises were said in vagueness? There you will be conned yet again after living with their lies for 55 years!

Your PM is also the President of Malaysia's largest political party, Umno, with over 3 million members. He admitted that he cannot reformed his party without the public mandate. What a funny PM you have.

He is the President and yet he is powerless to reform his party and calls for public help. Yet, he is talking about transformation of a nation of over 28 million people, how the hell is he going to do it. Do you think he can do it if the people were to give him the mandate in GE 13? He has been the PM for nearly four years and he has done nothing except to crow, cry and beg!

"What happens if after obtaining that endorsement, reactionary factions in UMNO interpret the mandate as support for the status quo in party and government which means that reform would then not be necessary and that it should be business as usual?" - Terrence Netto

I have created a FaceBook Fan page "Penang Lang must defend Penang at all cost" here. Please help to spread and Like the page.

Even though this Fan Page is created to defend Penang at all cost, all Malaysians can like the page and make it a 'Malaysians must defend Malaysia at all cost" from the devil you know that is corrupt, racist and arrogant with a weak and incapable PM taking the nation to nowhere.

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  1. 'your' pm & pm 'you' have.....who r u referring to?



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