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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Umno is indeed ROTTEN to the core: Demonising the Chinese to the Malays

By Mohd Ariff Sabri | Malaysia Chronicle

When the Umno member cannot answer in a civilised manner, he will react in the most ill-mannered way. He will react like how the least educated and ill-bred folks do. Lashing out vulgarities and letting out the most contemptible of remarks feeling hapless when the lies and shams of his leaders are exposed.

Or they will use reverse psychology. Would I be willing to allow DAP to dominate the federal government? Doesn’t that amount to treachery against the Malays?

We won’t dignify such remark by having to explain ourselves. Suffice to say, that could only be if Malay members of parliament within the PR are chopped liver and are of half-past-six quality like Umno MPs. The Umno MP who will lose will be replaced by more capable Malay.

So many capable Malays who won't even think of joining Umno

There are so many capable Malays who are not Umno. The paranoia Umno has is to imagine Umno is Malay and Malay is Umno. It’s no longer that way and this is case of Umno not able to accept rejection. Umno is rejected all around.

Umno MPs have been cavorting with rich Chinese towkays all the time. Now, while they romp around with Chinese towkays selling out the Malays, Umno is asking the ordinary Malays to fight with non-Malays. What does that make Umno? It makes an Umno that has become an expert in running with the hare while hunting with the dogs.

Umno’s longevity and credibility sadly rests on the support of exactly this kind of unfortunate creatures. As long as they are kept that way Umno is safe. It’s in Umno interest to have as many Malays ignorant and feeling insecure. Umno’s principal interest is to ensure Malays remain stupid and dependent on them. Najib Razak’s transformation programmes depend on such kind of people.

The only logical way Umno can sustain itself then is cultivate as long as possible, the Umno ethos. And what is the Umno ethos? It’s the culture more in line with the beasts in the jungle — where might is right and the herd instinct. Power in the hand of Umno becomes a dangerous tool and so Umno becomes a menace to everyone, especially the Malays.

Even to the extent of the Merdeka theme

Because of that ethos, you find Ahmad Maslan, the Umno information chief, declaring that the theme of OUR Merdeka is for Umno to define. You also get to hear Rais Yatim condescendingly talk to everyone not to dismiss our Merdeka despite difference of opinions. Our Merdeka is not for Umno to own and who is Rais to make light of others unlike him who are equally patriotic when it comes to Merdeka?

As to Ahmad Maslan, we will let him be minister in Sungai Buloh soon where the majority of Umno members will hold their AGM in the very near future.

We like it that Umno remains unchanging while the rest of society moves forward. It will become extinct because the Umno ethos prevents it from adapting.

Umno must be ready to accept that not all Malays subscribe to its struggle and agenda. Umno has simply gone rogue and doesn’t deserve allegiance and loyalty by the majority of Malays. It’s the mark of the highest self-righteousness for any Umno leader and its supporters to describe Umno’s struggle as sacred while that of others, profane. That’s the Umno arrogance.

No leaders of substance

Once defeated, Umno will take a long time to recover because it simply does not have leadership of substance. Its members seem to be united more because of their herd instincts of needing to be just together in order to have safety in numbers.

They are not in Umno as a result of the strength of their convictions. As long as Umno can maintain a near monopoly on defining what being a Malay means, then it can sustain itself.

Once its grip on the monopoly of defining being Malay is loosened or the myth that Umno represents Malay is debunked, Umno itself is broken. The end is inevitable because Umno has failed to adapt to new expectations.

Whatever the Umno struggle is, it’s inconsequential to those who refuse to accept Umno’s hegemony. The Malay, who objects to Umno ways, is aware that he is no less Malay, nor a lesser Muslim than the Umno member. Umno can’t expect people to take it lying down its lies and deceptions.

In response to the video clip below, we shall expose the fallacies and lies that Umno is trying to perpetrate. Why is Umno resurrecting the ghosts of racial clashes past? Because it proves that Umno can only sustain itself if it can continuously feed on the natural mistrust between people of different religion, culture and history. It survives by playing up the primal fears of the entrapped Malay with his unleavened prejudices and all that.

As long as Umno can put a wedge in between the races in Malaysia, it can live on. Deny and reject Umno’s racist solution, it dies a premature death. The best way to handle Umno’s racist solution is for all the anti Umno/BN forces to stand united and ignore Umno’s provocations.

BM version click here Benarlah UMNO itu sudah rotten to the Core

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