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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PM’s elegant silence on BN sniping

By Jaleel Hameed | TMI

Mr Prime Minister, sir, where is your sense of fair play and Malaysian-ness?

Why are you, sir, so limp-wristed in giving a rap on the knuckles of your Barisan Nasional colleagues who think they can say anything and get away with it?

Is this a sense of entitlement, sir? Because your government has been our only government since Merdeka?

Sir, I am referring to your wishy-washy, lukewarm comment asking BN people not to hurt other races.

Sir, is it any wonder that the likes of Sri Gading MP Datuk Mohamed Aziz are tempted to attack others, as he did with his comment to “hang” Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan? There is little downside for any Umno politician becoming unruly or thuggish because no action is taken to shut down such nonsense.

At no point, sir, did you say that his comment should not have been made against a Malaysian.

“We will continue these efforts and remind members not to make statements that will hurt the feelings of other races or BN component parties,” you said last night.

What does that even mean? No reprimand, sir. You call this 1 Malaysia, sir?

Please, sir. At least have some decency and call a spade a spade.

Mr PM, if the roles were reversed and a Pakatan Rakyat politician had suggested that you should be charged with treason for sale of sensitive info during your tenure as defence minister, you can bet that the MP would have been referred to some Parliamentary committee for censure.

But not a BN MP; they are all untouchables.

Sir, I had high hopes for you when you took office. A man trained to be the PM, who learnt under three PMs in over 30 years, should be a better leader.

Your elegant silence, sir, and your lax attitude to the constant sniping and thuggish behaviour of your colleagues will be your downfall.

I suggest you shape up, sir, or ship out. We need real leaders, sir. Not those who are there because they think they are entitled to the job.

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