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Saturday, June 2, 2012

My comment on The People's Parliament posting "I'll shut up if they speak up"

You can read The People's Parliament posting "I'll shut up if they speak up" here.

Bro Haris,

There are many ways to skin a cat.

Whether this episode is true or not I am very sure MACC, PDRM, Judiciary and umno will be combing for every minute details to hang them before GE13. You and I know why this is dug up again or you are too truthful that you do not know.

No one single human being is clean, believe it or not and if you really want to dig out a person's wrong doing you can always found some.

A person can change, from good to bad and so is from bad to good.

They are ex-umno politicians and we expect their cupboards full of skeletons just that they are not discovered nor charged for any of it. I am not condoning corruptions nor abuse of power but it happen and will happen who ever is in power, even if you screen each and every candidates and announced them to be 100% clean.

"You received a call from the hospital that someone dear to you is admitted into ICU and you just finished a very important meeting for the past two days in your house and its in a mess, plates not washed with left over foods and not taken bath, what will you do? Rushed to the hospital or clean everything up before you leave?"

Trying to be an angel in the present political scenario will see to it that umno will remain in power for the next century.

No one is claiming that PR is 100% perfect or clean and my worry is that when voters become over or too smart, it will allow umno to retain power. I am saying this is because, many NGOs, third force and individual like RPK and you, are promoting and calling for a 100% clean and perfect new government or else lets go for the evil corrupt racist regime umno!

Leave the past for the time being and concentrate on our main objective to rid of the evil corrupt regime that are at least 80% infested with corruptions and racist and go for a 80% more reliable new government.

Dont follow the footstep of RPK, he no longer wants umno to fall and you cant preach ABU while on the other hand wanting a 100% perfect and a clean new government.

Just face the real world and do the one right thing that this country needs CHANGE no matter what!

Thank you

Richard Loh

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