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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gangsterism Transformation? Mob of 40 attacking students at Dataran Merdeka - Updated with backup video

Updated: For those who aren't ABLE to watch the VIDEO of UMNO Gangsters ATTACKING our Malaysian Students camped at Dataran Merdeka on "YouTube" ( the video was believed to have been REPORTED by members of UMNO's 'Waris Malaya' group which is the group that assaulted the students to have it removed )
Here is a BACK-UP, thanks courtesy of Leong Pengyew! :-) -w.i.w.c Watch backup HERE

This is the latest from Malaysiakini:

Thugs attack students at Dataran Merdeka

According to the report, about 50-70 thugs attacked and roughed up the students camping there around 2.45am. According to the report, there were about ” a dozen police officers in the area but they did not intervene until the students’ leaders pleaded for their help.”

Is this the transformation the Prime Minister is talking about?

The students may be wrong and it is their democratic rights to sit in but such mob attack is surely criminal and worse off the police did nothing.


The time has come to make the CHANGE. GE 13 is the time. Please help to spread the message of CHANGE and distribute this video far and wide.

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