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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love your country Vote wisely

Malaysians must start to LOVE the right thing and in the right way. My earlier posting Love is a dangerous game to play with! highlights generally about love between two sexes and how it can be good or it can hurt as well.

Love - A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person.

Patriotic - Feeling, expressing, or inspired by love for one's country.

Over the decades of propaganda by the ruling regime, the people are inclined to think that only by loving the ruling government will they be recognised as patriotic that love the country. A misconception of loving the government first and nation second.

The second misconception by the regime after having ruled for over five decades begins to think and act like the nation wealth belongs only to them and the rakyat are their servants to toil with.

The third misconception is the ruling regime demand that the rakyat must be appreciative and grateful of what the government is doing.

These misconceptions must be promptly eradicated from the rakyat's mind or else the future of this nation will be in ruin.

There can be no love for a ruling government but only categorized as, good, poor or bad governance. The rakyat need not be appreciative or be grateful to the government for what they are doing, for better or worst, as they are elected and paid for to do their jobs of running the nation.

This nation can and will only be bankrupted or destroyed by those holding the power and not the rakyat. Patriotism cannot be questioned by the ruling government for covering up their wrong doings when rakyat woke up and protested against them.

GE 13 is just round the corner and voters must start grading the performances of umno/bn rule for the past five decades. Leave love and patriotism aside as they cannot be used to gauge the performances of the government. You can love and like PM Najib but put that as personal. The scrutiny must be deep rooted into the overall long term results that will benefit the country and rakyat and not short term or ad hoc give away, once every five years.

This coming GE, voters must be very attentive of who they are going to vote in to form the next government. They must ask a lot of questions and find the answers themselves, for example, why giving out a one time off RM500 cash to those earning 3K and below now. Why not look into a long term solution for those earning 3k and less, ensuring high purchasing power from the 3k. Can they own a home, a kanchil & regular meals for a family of four with the 3k?

They said, what goes up must come down but I do not see the truth in the prices of consumer goods nor the corruption index and what is the ruling government going to do about it?

If you are patriotic and love your country, you must make the right choice by voting in a credible, competence and clean government with integrity that treated all Malaysians as equal and with respect. Failing to do so will see the nation that you love and being patriotic about in ruin.


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