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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My dream Malaysia Part 2 - Political Front

My dream comes true in a dream within a dream. I woke up to find a total different Malaysia that most Malaysians have been waiting for even though we have yet to attain the developed status. But, is being a developed nation that important when the rakyat are just as happy and living a peaceful and prosperous life with a matured democracy?

Political Front

I switched on the television to listen live the last parliamentary session before the 15th general election. The PM announced the date for the 15th GE to be held six months later after he had consulted with the opposition and they agreeing to it.

All the MPs were active in debating important issues with bills passed and rejected on a non partisan manners. We can hear MPs from the ruling government shouting in agreement with opposition proposals and vice versa. There were three opposition MPs appointed by the PM to sit in his cabinet. All questions were answered by the respective ministers, with full disclosure of dealings and expenses. There were no name calling even though the debates can be heated at times. We are seeing a matured parliament in session.

How time flies, parliament was dissolved and the dates for nomination and polling were in accordance to what the PM announced six months earlier.

This 15th GE will also include the local council elections. On nomination day, I went to the nomination center of my constituency and there were thousands of supporters from both sides. There were no special area allocation for parties supporters, all stood alongside each other around the nomination center, cheering and talking to each other while waving their individual party flags. More chanting and cheering as the two candidates arrived together and started waving to their supporters. There were no objection from anyone after the one hour objection period ended and the EC announced the candidacies. So ended the nomination and the beginning of campaigning for the next 21 days.

There were political rallies every night throughout the country for the next 21 nights. The rallies were held in open fields where thousands gathered to listen to both sides of the divide. No police permits were required and at the site of the rallies, no fru trucks, police or SB were to be seen, only a few traffic police guiding motorists.

During the campaigning period, all politicians from various parties expressed their sincerity to serve and what beneficial policies they can offer the rakyat. There were no hitting below the belt of the opponents nor any individual moral issues raised. These campaigning were reported fairly and balance in all the news media and TV stations the next day. There were no distribution of free rice, sewing machines, computers or serving of free food, simply seen as no vote buying. There were no pressure on the voters directly or indirectly from any party members.

Two days before polling day there were five debates between top leaders of political parties telecast lives over national television. The last debate on the last night of campaigning was between the two leaders from both parties eyeing for the premiership.

Polling was spread over two days, the first day was to cater for those voters previously termed as postal voters. They have to go personally to the voting centers like any normal voters. The setting up of the polling centers were the same as for the public. For those who were on duty and cannot vote on the first polling day can vote on the second day where the public will be voting as well. All ballot boxes from the first day voting were locked with two keys lock, just like the bank safe deposit box and sealed with signatures from the EC and the candidates. The EC has done a very good job in transparency and fairness.

Those who cannot enter the counting center can view the counting streaming live onto a screen outside the counting center. All winners were announced at their respective counting center after the EC officials at each center had verified the official counts and accepted by both winner and loser. The EC official can then forward the results to its head office to tally out which party won the most seats to form the next Federal Government.

Finally, after 23 days of hectic campaigning and anxieties the official final results showed that the opposition party which had previously ruled for 54 years in the past but lost in the 13th and 14th GE has won a simple majority in this 15th general election.

Serious works begin for the winning party and the loser has accepted defeat and vowed to fight back in the next general election. In the meantime all parties settled down their differences and work together to serve the rakyat for the next five years.

I may not be able to witness the 15th GE but hope that my dream Malaysia can come true for the future generations.

My dream Malaysia Part 1 - Home Front

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