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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Love Malaysia Then Help SAVE Malaysia

Prime Minister Najib is not really serious in wanting to implement what he espouses since taking over the premiership.

Whatever he has done thus far are only on ad hoc basis with no consideration for the future. His mind, heart and soul are only concentrating on how to win big in the coming 13th GE and nothing else.

He laid out his economic plans with a string of acronyms which you and I the common layman could not understand and even more confused when they are explained by his incompetence (whether through the back door or front door) ministers. What we can understand simply is that we must have huge projects which are good for the economy and subsidies cut to sustain the economy and prevent the country from going bankrupt.

Question is, do we feel or get any benefits trickling down from these huge projects, no, but I am certain that cronies and well connected businessmen will gain a lot. We gain nothing from the huge projects but we definitely can feel the effect of the subsidy cut.

The PM has no idea at all how to run and manage the country other then to please a handful of cronies and party supporters to ensure he remain in power.

Does he knows that the whole system of running the country need to be overhauled completely and the old system of divide and rule using race and religion have to be discarded totally.

You can argue that I am wrong and that the PM had came out with "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now". Good, very good indeed, but after nearly two years what have become of it and what results have it shown, nothing, zilt, zero, instead the ethnic and religious harmony have turn for the worst.

Do I need to go on with his "People First Performance Now" rhetoric, I guess not, you can see and judge for yourselves from the complains and public dissatisfaction that are reported daily.

How can cutting of subsidies prevent the country from bankruptcy when the government is spending like nobody business. We are paying ministers to do their job, we have foreign minister to deal with foreign countries but the PM is using his wife to represent the country, touring the world and acting like a de facto PM.

Why is the PM so proud of reducing toll rate for one or two selected highways instead of studying the whole country highway toll system and work out a fair solution on whether to reduce the rate or remove the toll completely?

Why is the PM throwing millions to Felda, teachers and schools only during by-elections or approaching general election? Is there no proper planning at all how to distribute equally and fairly to the people from Perlis to Sabah on a long term basis?

All in all, as a common layman, what I can see is that you will get what is due to you only when there is an impending election. I do not see any long term planning to help the poor, revitalised the education system, stopping police abuse, practicing true democracy and revamp the justice system. Lastly, there is totally no will power to fight corruptions, I am talking about the millions and billion ringgit cases and not the 2,400 ringgit case that got an innocent man killed.

I am not a good writer, journalist, editor or expert that can explain in detail or spin about the PM rhetoric and slogans. I am just a common layman living a simple life and I am writing from my daily observation of working class people slaughtering day in day out just to survive through each month. There is totally nothing that we can see or received from the PM economic plans, all but just hot air. I am not that stupid to be fooled again by the same government that had ruled for 0ver 50 years.

My fellow Malaysians, we have live in a wooden attap house, which is fine and good initially, no leakages, strong wooden stilt and very resistant to heavy wind and rainfall. Today after 53 years we are still living in this same house, the roof have been patch until it can no longer be patched, the wooden stilt had rotten and it may collapse any day, it cannot stand any strong wind or heavy rain anymore. Don't you think its time to tear it down and rebuilt with concrete, bricks and mortar?

I am for change, that is the only way we can rebuilt our country that can hold all Malaysians together, a truly satu bangsa satu negara environment.

Time to discard the old umno/bn and go for the new Pakatan Rakyat.


  1. totally right,,,and the only thing the rakyat can do ,is to get the rural kampong to understand how grave the situation is if we do not vote the bn govn out,,

  2. tough it may seem to be to change the federal govt in 13GE, we still have to try

  3. I have some Indian blood flows in my veins. I am also a Malay in sentiment and in spirit.... Hence, I can and must have big projects benefiting my sons and cronies. Well, if it happens to benefit the country. It is a lucky coincidence.



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