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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is Pakatan Rakyat no different from UmnoBN?

Is this equation true:

90% positive + 10% negative = 90% negative + 10% positive

With Malaysia claiming that its education system is among the best in the world there can be no argument that many educated Malaysians would say that it is true.

The above equation is an example of Malaysians learning when they see the 10% of Pakatan Rakyat negative performances as equal to UmnoBN 10% positive performances hence terming PR is no difference from UmnoBN. The 90% positive performances against UmnoBN 90% negative performances are ignored.

Malaysians are using the Selangor Assembly salary hikes, the JAIS raid and Penang Chief Minister Mercedes Benz to justify and conclude PR is no difference from UmnoBN. You have the right to argue that the three issues were wrong depending on how you judge and from whose point of views you are hearing and reading from.

There is nothing wrong with the Selangor Assembly salary hikes and Penang Chief Minister Mercedes Benz which I have given my point of views in my earlier two articles here and here.

Up till now I do not really know who or what is JAIS. There are so many different argument as who is running JAIS and the power it holds. Some say it is under the Selangor state government, some say it is under the Sultan's purview while others say it is under the federal government. Those who are angered by JAIS raid (mostly the Christians and social activist groups) and some who are playing politics, like Gerakan De-facto President, Tan Keng Liang, are blaming the Selangor state government.

No one in the state government, federal government nor the palace would want to come out with a full guidelines and explanation as to the official function, power limit and under whose jurisdiction of JAIS. This is the second time that JAIS has conducted raid unofficially, without warrant to enter, confiscate items and most likely illegally.

The Selangor state government, Federal government and the palace must issue a joint statement on the details about JAIS to avoid any more such raids. JAIS must be held responsible for any illegal activities and warned that they are not above the law, Islamic concern or not.

Malaysia next generation has risen, brave, pact with knowledge, connecting to the real world and even blame the older generation for doing nothing that allows the nation to be in such a dire state. They claim to stand on a non partisan platform and wanted check and balance but to what extend can they really achieve. Sorry, but we have to be realistic.

You lost the keys to your house, either you call a locksmith or you have to break the lock. Either way you still have to change the lock. The lock is of no use without key and the locksmith cannot be there at all times to lock and unlock whenever you want.

UmnoBN is like the lock and they have already thrown away your keys a long time ago. The opposition MPs that you elected in are just locksmiths that can just help in a small way but not in the long term. You protest, hold rallies and demonstrations in order to break the government so that you can enter in the hope that they will listen to you. This is like breaking the lock so that you can enter but without keys you can't lock and unlock as and when you like to enter or leave. The lock has to be changed and so is UmnoBN.

Malaysia has come to this point where standing on a non partisan platform no longer works in forcing the government like UmnoBN to correct themselves and to do the right things. When UmnoBN government institutes like PDRM, MACC, Judiciary can unashamedly show their partisanship in performing their duties what is wrong for you to stand on a partisan platform. UmnoBN is like the lock without key, useless and need to be changed.

You may see me as a blind opposition supporter but I am not. What I see is that UmnoBN is no longer fit to govern and that Pakatan Rakyat though may not be 100% perfect is a better choice and we cannot because of a few wrongs(individual opinion) to equate PR as no difference to UmnoBN.

You stand on a partisan platform so that you can have a better view on check and balance. Yes, you can easily check but surely you won't be able to have a balance no matter how you try when it comes to a lock without keys like UmnoBN.

You still can stand on a partisan platform, not necessary with PR but sharing the same agenda to change the useless lock without keys and that is UmnoBN comes GE14.

From now till GE 14, PR is bound to make a few more mistakes (real, unintentionally or problems created by UmnoBN) we have to judge them with an open mind unless PR has really gone the UmnoBN ways of cronyism, large scale of corruptions, wastage, leakages and becomes a lock with no keys.

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  1. Large scale corruptions? So small and medium scale is fine ke? What a sad partisan view.



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