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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nut Head Talks Nut, Shit Head Talks Shit

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It is very distressing that when the country is virtually in the state of disharmony, disunity, religious conflict and racial divide, the PM of the country can continue with his act of incompetence and ignorance. Instead of using his leadership to act against those who are causing these problems, he can praised and sided with them just because he needed their support to remain in power.

Let us take a look at how the PM speaks his mind and you judge for yourself whether it is a nut head talking nut or a shit head talking shit.

The report is obtained from The Malaysian Insider and the remarks in red are mine.

PETALING JAYA, Feb 28 – Datuk Seri Najib Razak today attempted to revive his battered 1 Malaysia concept by urging Malaysians to adopt its paradigm of “total acceptance” of the country’s diversity instead of mere “tolerance”.

If you cannot put right your so call "mere tolerance" what are you talking about "total acceptance". Don't you know that only one side of the public are forced to accept tolerance but the other side which are mainly your kind does not care two hoot about tolerance. You can read what I mean from my earlier posting 1Malaysia Is Transparent, Fair To All, Respect All Religions = 1 BIG BULL SHIT and the public is believing more that your 1Malaysia is in fact a 2Malaysia so cleverly camouflaged.

The Prime Minister launched his 1 Malaysia idea when he took office last April but a recent spate of racial and derogatory remarks from his Umno party has further divided rather than united Malaysian behind his Barisan Nasional government.

His efforts to liberalise government policies and create a more inclusive, more open policy towards all races appear to have riled Malay right-wingers who now fear that his 1 Malaysia would cause them to lose their rights to the minority races.

So in order for you to maintain that your 1Malaysia is a paradigm of “total acceptance”, what are you going to do with these nut heads?

“We started off with one basic paradigm and that is tolerance. We say we tolerate or we live in a society that is tolerant of one another. But in the concept of 1 Malaysia, being tolerant is just the beginning.

Tolerance is one of your basic paradigm and I repeat again, when can you complete this stage before going on to the next. Just remember that for tolerant to work, it must be acceptable from all sides. Can you do that?

“The next paradigm is a shift from tolerance to total acceptance. This is when we accept the differences of our people, when we accept diversity as something that is unique, that provides us with a very powerful chemistry in our society... something that can actually give us strength and not otherwise,” Najib said at the Sin Chew Daily’s Chinese New Year open house here.

This is the strong point of umno's leaders, they like to talk big when they are rejected by the rakyat. This particular PM is either incompetence or ignorance or both. With his BTN, his high level special aide, ministers going half way round the globe, puking out all kind of racist remarks, pendatang, Indians are beggars, Chinese are prostitutes, the PM without lifting a finger to point out their wrongs but still got the guts to talk about total acceptance.

He added that the third and final paradigm of 1 Malaysia was to celebrate diversity.

“To celebrate diversity – that is our final destination, the final apex. If we celebrate our diversity, then it means we have reached our final destination of ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ and 1 Malaysia. This means that we think as one people, one nation, one dream,” the Umno president said.

I think the PM and at least 50% of the population will not be able to reach this final destination. Why talk about this when you can't even complete your basic paradigm of tolerant. Did I hear clearly, "Banga Malaysia" is now in your vocabulary which you all rejected it outright when DAP and NGO were fighting for it. You must be crowned the copycat PM, many of your proposals were already being suggested by the Oppositions for years and you all could not be bordered. Why the sudden change of heart?

Najib added that certain groups may embark on separate pathways but what was important was that all Malaysians converged and reached the same final destination.

“I am sure we all share this same dream – to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity – but we may take different paths to get there. Sin Chew may take a different path, Utusan Malaysia may take a different path but what is important is that we must converge and reach that final destination.

This is the most dangerous action and only the nut heads or shit heads would dare to thread. There is only one route, one path and one direction to have the same dream to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity. Is Najib telling us that Utusan's way of inciting racial and religious tension, one sided reports, spinning, lies can lead to unity, harmony and prosperity. I cannot write more on this, there must be something wrong inside the PM's head.

“Of course we much allow discourse and some room for dissent and differences of opinion but we must ensure that it is not at the expense of harmony. We must be conscious that we are slowly and surely bringing Malaysia to harmony,” he said.

You are right on this point but wrong in not taking the necessary actions when it needed most especially utusan and some of your racist bigots when their actions are threatening harmony.

Najib warned the people that if Malaysia was not well looked after, the entire nation would fall.

Do we need you to warn us, instead we have being warning you and umno/bn for years.

“I am continuing the work of the previous prime ministers. They have, in their own ways, worked towards a more united, harmonious and prosperous Malaysia. They worked tirelessly in their own ways and during their own times and some, through very turbulent times.

“I would like to say that this (1 Malaysia) is a continuation. Many people say they have heard of 1 Malaysia but they must know that it is more than just a slogan - it is about understanding and embracing the principles within the concept which are the values that bring us to shift from one paradigm to the next,” he added.

Oh my God, continuing the work of the previous prime ministers to achieve unity, harmony, prosperity and total acceptance. For over 50 years yet even the basic paradigm of tolerance has not being met. So is there any hope, slight hope at all for you to achieve the first stage, that is the basic paradigm of tolerance? He likes to talk, not just talk but talk big and at the end he does not know what he is talking about. All these kind of talks is only to one community, does he has the same guts to talk to the rural malays and ask utusan to report fully.

Najib’s remarks came after nearly 80 Malay groups formed the Majlis Perundingan Melayu or Malay Consultative Council (MPM), ostensibly to protect and defend Malay rights, Islam and the Malay Rulers which they claim is being questioned and sidelined in recent months.

A Malay group leader said the MPM will focus on the economic rights and privileges of the Malays and Bumiputeras to ensure they are not neglected in the New Economic Model (NEM) that the Najib Administration will introduce next month to stimulate the economy.

Najib, does these kind of actions fall within your concept of 1Malaysia, share the same dream – to achieve unity, harmony and prosperity? Only you can answer.

Read full report here.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why I Am Not A Fan Of 1Malaysia

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By Mediha Mahmood

For those of you who know me or follow me on Twitter, you might notice that I spare no sympathy for the 1Malaysia cause. At the slightest provocation, I am ever-willing to share my views on why I think the 1Malaysia concept is a ridiculous one.

It's about time I put my views here on my blog.

Now please, bear in mind that I'm speaking on behalf of me here. Not the me who 'works in the industry governed by Rais Yatim'. Just me. I don't expect anyone to agree with me or applaud me for my thoughts. And I'm not getting all geared up to indulge in a debate with those of you who are great fans of the 1Malaysia concept. I'm just penning down my views for my own personal records and as a form of venting.

Disclaimer done.

I understand the need of each Prime Minister to leave his mark on the nation. To carve out a place in history that signifies his leadership. Something to remember him by once he's gone.

We had Tun Mahathir's 'Wawasan 2020' and Tun Abdullah Badawi's 'Islam Hadhari'. Even Obama cheerily came up with his 'Yes, we can!' phrase (Though I think Bob the Builder beat him to it).

So now we have Najib Tun Razak and his '1Malaysia' thingamajig.

1Malaysia is a concept that attempts to 'formalize' the exisiting nature of Malaysians. A society comprised of multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural people, co-existing in harmony.

In other words, it is just putting a name on something that already exists.

If that was the end of it, I'd have no problems with it. But it's not. It's just the beginning.

I'm sure I can't be the only one to notice that it is only AFTER the 1Malaysia campaign, that we see increasing incidences reflecting racial tension, cultural confusion and general dissatisfaction.

The sudden usage of animal heads being thrown at places of worship.
The sudden mantras of 'Us Againsts Them'.
The sudden awareness of the color of our skin.

This is what you get when you highlight our differences.
I'm sorry, but that is essentially what 1Malaysia does. It highlights our differences.

You create slogans, pin the number '1' on your lapel, pose for pictures waving your forefinger like a weird salute, compose songs that revere our unity in the face of diversity.

Although your intention may be noble and your execution may be harmless (though very lame), the impact is clear.

You are inadvertently highlighting our differences.

You talk about how we're all in this together. We eat the same food, sing the same songs, fight the same enemies, share the same holidays, enjoy the same rights... Oh wait. That last bit isn't actually true, is it?

Some of us have 'special rights' and 'special privileges', don't we? There isn't REALLY a level playing ground, is there? We're not REALLY in this together, are we?

Some of us are being sidelined. You can call it whatever you want, justify it any way you want but at the end of the day, the fact remains that some of us are being sidelined. We don't get the same rights or the same privileges.

And so, listening to you happily singing about how 'we're all in this together' is rather patronizing to us.
You sing about equality but the truth remains that there is no equal playing ground.

The hypocrisy of this just begs a reaction.

And to me, that is what 1Malaysia has done to our country.
It has become a joke.

'Nasi Lemak 1Malaysia?'
'Batik 1Malaysia?'

The latter, by the way, in my honest opinion, has lost the 'batik' identity. If you take this shirt to the Western nations, I doubt they can recognize it as 'batik'. It's just a gaudy ol' brightly colored abstract shirt.

Seriously, it's a joke.

The Government sends out directives to companies and agencies to 'support the 1Malaysia campaign'.

Thus you see a flood of Public Service Announcements and commercial advertisements showcasing at least three (3) characters; the Malay, the Chinese and the Indian.

Thus, when you call some banks or shops, when you're put on hold, you no longer hear about their promotions, but you hear repeated strains of Roy singing "Satu Malaysia, Jadi Pegangan, Rukun Negara, Teras Panduan!"; the official 1Malaysia song.

Thus, you find corporations launching products and services with the number '1' prefixed before them. And you see the same number '1' on billboards, posters, magazines, newspapers, in many many versions and many many corporate colors.

What the Gomen tells you to do, you do.
So what if everyone is laughing at you.

And then to add insult to injury, my favourite Minister comes out with a statement saying that the Ministry's KPI on 1Malaysia has been achieved because 62% of Malaysians 'understand' the 1Malaysia Concept'.

So what?
How is an understanding of a concept of any real value?
People 'understand' the concept of murder and how it's illegal but people still kill people.
I 'understand' that gossip journalists are just doing their jobs but I still hate 'em.

Understanding a concept is a measurement for a national KPI? Seriously?

I could go on and on and on about this issue. I know I might come across as unpatriotic or disloyal to my country but I swear to you, I love my country.

I am proud to be a Malaysian. I was born, raised and 100% educated here.

My friends come from all races and I've never felt there was anything odd about our 'multi-racial' friendship. I never even noticed it. The actual concept of 1Malaysia has always been ingrained in all of us.

We don't need to have a competition to win a car for 'Nasi Lemak 1Malaysia' to bring us together. We don't need to wear the number '1' on our shirts to prove our love for our country. We don't need to greet each other with 'Salam 1Malaysia' to solidify our unity.

Enough already. Stop making us the brunt of jokes. And stop giving us fodder to create these jokes.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've personally had enough.

"I know that my unity with all people cannot be destroyed by national boundaries and government orders" ~ Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy [1828-1910]

Thursday, February 25, 2010

1Malaysia Is Transparent, Fair To All, Respect All Religions = 1 BIG BULL SHIT

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Non muslim is totally ban from mentioning or act upon anything related to islam or the muslim. If they choose to do so, they will face the wrath of the muslim communities, all the government institutions and NGOs. I, as a non muslim will never step into the arena that belongs to Islam and cause uneasiness among the muslim and so should all non muslim.

The muslim likewise should not do or act unreasonably against other religions and follow the Constitution that allows other races to practice their religion freely.

But what we see is always a one way street when the leaders call for tolerance. Non muslim must be respectful, sensitive and tolerance of islam and the muslim. It looks like the law does not apply to the muslim when they show disrespect, insensitivity and intolerance towards other religions.

Remember the case, somewhere in Perak, a few hundred muslims gathered at a church to protest, because an sms claiming that the church were conducting conversion of muslims which was found to be false. What happen to that case - NFA.

The dragging of the cow-head, although some of them were charged but we can expect the word NFA to appear after some delay of time.

The latest charges against two Al-Islam magazine's journalists, whose act of desecrating the sanctity of a church and mocked Christianity and Christians in general receive their NFA certificate and freedom today.

"1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" is all but

Read what Art Harun and Zorro have to say here and here.

Out Of The Woods And Into The Sea Of Sharks

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Many are jumping with joy to hear the PM Najib says that the economy is out of recession. I do not understand fully about economics and I just wonder how well verse is the PM with economics.

As a simple layman, please relate to us the truth and not showing figures, which can be manipulated to make it looks good. It is nice to hear that billions are pump into development and approximately billion are also pump into the market monthly. The big question is WHERE DID THE MONEY REALLY GOES TO? Development funds are not given to the four Pakatan Rakyat States, these means other states under bn are receiving all these funds, yet we can see how States like Perlis, Trengganu, Sabah, Sarawak are still in dire need for development.

When the PM claimed that the country is out of recession, does it means that consumer goods, utilities, petrol etc. can increase in their prices while pay checks remain stagnant?

I will let the expert write on whether our economy is really that good but I like the PM to explain what I am experiencing now.

These are the usual food that I consume daily.

A cup of tea : Before CNY - RM1.00 Today - RM1.20

Koay Teow Soup : Before CNY - RM2.50 Today - RM2.80 - RM3.20

Char Keow Teow : Before CNY - RM3.00 Today - RM3.30 - RM3.80

Wan Tan Mee : Before CNY - RM2.30 Today - RM2.50 - RM3.00

Mee Rebus : Before CNY - RM2.20 Today - RM2.50 - RM2.80

I asked the sellers, are these increases just for the CNY period and will come down after, all the sellers just smile. A few chat with the people around and all of them said, "What goes up will not come down"

As I said, I do not really understand much about economics, can it mean that when the country is out of recession, prices of goods will escalate much faster while pay checks remain stagnant.

No Fun With The Circus Clowns

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CSIS Seminar: A Complete Washout

by Raja Petra Kamaruddin in Washington DC

It was a strange scene at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington on Wednesday morning. When the seminar on Governance & Rule of Law in Malaysia began, only one of the speakers came into the room, Nazri Abdul Aziz.

Attorney-General Gani Patail and former Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Mohamed were somehow nowhere to be seen. And in good Malaysian fashion, the seminar started 10 minutes late.

The seminar’s chairman, Ernest Bower, looked tired and nervous, saying that he had received a number of e-mails expressing concern that the seminar would not be balanced. He said that he wants a dialogue on important issues. Therefore he also has invited the opposition to speak at CSIS. He hopes they will accept.

Ernest Bower then shocked the audience of about 40 people by saying that the session was ‘off the record’. The flyer announcing the seminar never said it was an off the record session. It doesn’t matter though. The session was so boring there is very little to report anyway.

Malaysian Ambassador to the US, Jamaluddin Jarjis a.k.a. JJ, spoke for two minutes. He just said that he is working very hard to improve relations with the US (whenever he happens to be in town, that is). He made no mention, though, whether the new US$150,000 Porsche he just bought is paid for by the Malaysian taxpayers or by him personally.

Nazri said that it was just a coincidence that he, Gani and Abdul Hamid happen to be in Washington at the same time. (Sure. If you believe that then I have half a bridge to Singapore to sell you.) He said he didn’t know where the two missing persons were.

He then introduced the “four members of my delegation,” all MPs. (Talk about wasting the taxpayers’ money!) Two of them were PKR turncoats, including the infamous Zahrin Mohamed Hashim.

In a tribute to Malaysia Today, Nazri held up an Internet printout and referred to Martin Jalleh’s article, Malaysian Circus Goes to Washington. He claimed that he had been planning the trip to Washington for nine months because he and the Prime Minister believe it is important to strengthen ties with the US.

Nazri then started his formal speech and spoke for 30 minutes. It was a very academic and therefore a very boring speech. There was no real substance to it and the audience quickly grew bored. Even JJ got so bored as he sat next to Nazri on the podium.

But what shocked the audience was to watch JJ’s antics at such an “important meeting” at such a “prestigious think tank.“

The whole while Nazri was speaking, JJ was sending and receiving messages on his Blackberry and mobile phone. He never turned off the ringer. When he tapped out a message, one could hear the “click, click, click” of the keys. He even called his aide up to the podium twice to have conversations. He also got up and left the room and then came back.

And here is a first for Washington. Then, as Nazri was still speaking, JJ picked up the Washington Post and started to read it — not once, but twice.

Nazri went on and on, quoting Malaysia’s many laws banning corruption. But of course he never said that they apply only to the opposition and not to UMNO politicians or taxi permit holders (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Finally, he stopped speaking and said he would welcome tough questions. He got one right from the start from Kumar, the head of Amnesty International’s Washington DC office. Kumar said Nazri and JJ had both just said that they want to improve relations with the United States. But that will never happen as long as people in Washington have concerns about Malaysia’s harassment of the opposition and Anwar’s trial.

Referring to the Malaysia Today article, Kumar said if there’s a Malaysian circus, it’s Anwar’s trial. Nazri replied, “Anwar is a friend of mine.” (With friends like Nazri, who needs enemies?). Nazri said he underwent his legal training in the United Kingdom and claimed that if he ever sensed that the Prime Minister was interfering in the case and there is political interference in Malaysia’s independent judiciary, he would tender his resignation.

He added, “When we heard about Saiful’s charges against Anwar, I thought it was unfortunate. For the sake of the country, we don’t want the nation to endure a trial like this again. But Saiful is entitled to justice. Why talk about rule of law if you ignore his report? He had a right to report to the police. In any event, Anwar’s acquittal before shows that our judiciary is independent, and we did not appeal that decision. That shows we are interested only in justice, not political persecution.”

Nazri went on. “We do not have an agenda against Anwar. Why would we want to use the same old charge of sodomy, again? If you don’t believe me, there is nothing I can do.”

JJ clapped.

JJ was the only one who clapped.

Murray Hiebert then stood up to introduce himself as the former Asian Wall Street Journal correspondent in Malaysia (but politely declined to mention his experience with ‘good governance’ and ‘the rule of law’ in Malaysia when he was the guest of a Malaysian prison).

Murray asked about the Allah issue. Nazri turned to the Malaysiakini reporter in the room and told him, “Don’t you dare report what I am going to say.”

Nazri looked alive and gave a 20-minute history and language lesson, repeating the usual government line. As Nazri finished his long-winded answer, JJ leaned over to whisper to Ernest Bower, who suddenly jumped up and brought the seminar to a halt. It was still only 11:30am and the seminar was supposed to go until noon.

JJ probably thought an early halt would be wise before they put their foot deeper into the mouth. Or maybe he was really getting bored and just couldn’t take it anymore. Or maybe he was hungry. So JJ led Nazri out of the room and the audience followed.

So much for the so-called ‘dialogue’.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Malaysian Circus goes to Washington

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by Martin Jalleh

For a little more than a month in 2010 Umno has gone full steam with its scare tactics, saber-rattling tricks, silly threats and sinister theatrics. Now it is all set to take the Malaysian (political) circus to the US and to show Uncle Sam a far “superior” sample of democracy and governance.

The trip is by courtesy of Apco Worldwide, a global PR firm, employed by the government to resuscitate, redeem, and re-engineer the PM’s flagging image at about RM20 million. The firm has allegedly offered similar services to dictators and corrupt leaders worldwide. They must feel very at home here in dealing with the “most corrupt institution in the country”.

But why is Umno off to the US with its best circus clowns to impress the US when they just told those lowdown politicians in Down Under that to Umno it is a no-no to interfere in the affairs of Bolehland? Why waste the people’s money and be bothered about what the US thinks of us? Alas, the answer to such a mystery belongs only to those who can go the lowest.

The circus will be hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The man behind it is (Ernie) Bower in partnership with a (Karen) Brooks. Both have boasted about their close bond with ASEAN leaders. However they insist they are not beholden to Southeast Asian governments nor would they act as a lobby group or agents for them in Washington.

Surely Bower and Brooks can come up with better bull than this. Why would they want to bargain their reputation away by sharing the stage with political buffoons and bozos sent to an image-boosting circus? But the circus must go on. Apco must make the Najib administration look appetizing enough for the whole audience to want to swallow up what they throw at them!

The event will be held on 24th Feb. 2010 and it will be at K Street in Washington DC. This is where the big lobbying firms have their headquarters and is sometimes referred to as the “fourth branch of government”. But of course what is important to Umno is the fact that K Street is also called “The Road to Riches”. Now you get the drift?

The three top officials to speak at the seminar entitled “Governance and Rule of Law in Malaysia and Malaysian Legislative Initiatives” i.e., how the circus is run in Bolehland, are Minister in the PM’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad and Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail — a powerful and perfect NAG (Nazri, Abdul Hamid & Gani) team!

They will of course have the privilege and honour of being accompanied and introduced by special envoy, senior diplomat, seasoned politician and Malaysia’s ambassador to the United States, Jamaludin Jarjis, a man who has soared to such high office as a result of his wide reputation of being very adept at grappling, gropping and getting to the bottom of things.

Nazri’s Nonsense

Nazri, the Minister in the PM’s Department, overseer of parliamentary affairs and de facto Law Minister will surely serve up a sterling performance. He has successfully and quite singlehandedly reduced Parliament, the country’s supreme law-making institution, to an annual circus, a rubber stamp and a stage for the spineless, silly, sexist and not-so-stable.

Nazri should tell the Americans how free he is to go berserk when his brains short-circuit in parliament, like when he: shouted “racist/bloody racist” at MP Kula Segaran 41 times in a space of five to 10 minutes; snapped at a wheelchair-bound Karpal Singh: “You are just jealous because I am standing!”; and screamed at Lim Kit Siang “Stupid, stupid, stupid…!” until the press gave up counting.

Perhaps Nazri could use the above as veritable examples of how supposedly vibrant and vigorous parliamentary democracy is in Bolehland. He could of course throw in the example of a wheelchair-bound Karpal Singh being surrounded by a hostile group of Umno Youth thugs (as the police and security personnel stood idly by) at the Parliament lobby!

The US has much to learn from a loudmouth and loose cannon like Nazri. He has taken Bolehland to greater heights in hype, hypocrisy, half-truths, hysterics and histrionics in Parliament in spite of the declaration of the current Speaker that “Parliament is no longer like a first-world Parliament anymore”.

Good boy, Gani

As Attorney General (AG) Gani Patail will have to paint a glossy picture of how Bolehland is guided and governed by the rule of law though almost everyone knows that it is the AG who is guided by those who rule, to decide how, when, what and which part of the law is upheld! Gani will be too shy to say, it is actually “Rule by law” and at times its more of the mob which rules!

Gani is a product of “good governance”. He has been a good boy of those who govern. They take good care of him in spite of allegations against him such as “blackmailing and extortion of the highest culpability” in Sodomy I, interference of justice in not prosecuting then Minister for International Trade and Industry Rafidah Aziz for corruption, and tampering with evidence and interfering with the investigations on the savage assault on Anwar Ibrahim.

If and when the audience grills Gani on Sodomy II will he give them a go-around? Or will he parrot the government’s pathetic reply to the international community that sodomy is an offence here? It is very offensive indeed to people’s intelligence when you speak of sodomy (under the penal code) without any penile penetration(verified by doctors)! Will Gani be providing a more penetrating view there?

Surely K Street would love to see the kangaroo courts which have become an increasingly special feature of the Malaysian judicial circus. Nazri and Gani should show how the judiciary, the very portal of justice, continues to be reduced to a convenient playground for the ruling elite to legitimize their power grab, persecute their opponents and promote their political agenda, through the perversion of the rule of law by certain court jesters.

Nazri and Gani should speak proudly on the cattle-trading culture (politically brokered judicial appointments) in the judiciary which still lingers on after both of them decided to treat the findings of the Royal Commission on the V.K. Lingam video clip case very lightly. Nazri made a laughing stock of himself as he lectured Parliament on “What may be morally wrong could be legally or politically ‘correct, correct, correct’”.

The Americans must know that ‘good governance’ reigns in our good country. A good number of politicians especially the Umnoputras have made good money in good time in doing what is “good for the people”. In their good fortune they built for themselves palatial mansions, own a fleet of posh cars and huge properties abroad, and take their families on pleasure and all-paid-for holidays and place their children in premier schools overseas.

Abdul Hamid’s Acrobatics

Poor Abdul Hamid, who was well-respected though he was an accidental Chief Justice, may have to do a few head-stands and somersaults to convince the audience that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) which he chairs is doing a good job of curbing corruption and playing a crucial role in good governance. Since its formation, corruption worsened drastically!

Only two per cent of the respondents in a Star online live chat rated the MACC’s performance in fighting corruption as “good”. The rest frowned upon the MACC as a “monumental failure” and a farce in its task of tackling corruption. It has become a favourite tool of the Umno government to repress the opposition and its fatal flaw is that it is not politically neutral.

Since its much hyped up launch on 1 Jan. 2009 the then MACC’s chief commissioner (CC), Ahmad Said Hamdan, “has managed to put his mouth into overdrive while shifting his brains into reverse” (Tunku Aziz). He chose to retire early and will remain haunted by how he had handled the “small case” of the death of Teoh Beng Hock. As for the new CC of the MACC? Well, the public prefers to wait and see.

The Malaysian Circus in K street must of course end with a few key words on how the PM’s slogan of 1Malaysia is a resounding success, for never before has the Government, Parliament, Judiciary and institutions like the Police, Election Commission, and civil service been made to “bond” and “blend” together as One in order to bury the Opposition for good! How’s that for good governance!

Surely Nazri will proudly tell the Americans that he was right on when he declared a few years ago: “…the concept of separation of powers between the legislative, judiciary and executive is ‘too idealistic’ to be implemented in the country.’’

The nagging question still remains as to why should the NAG team waste the taxpayers money and go all the way to put up a circus when the Americans (who created Avatar, remember?) can easily make out the difference between image, illusion and reality?

Further their audience would have probably read the report by Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) which warned that Malaysia was “veering towards instability”. Then there are also the annual human rights reports on Third World countries by US-based NGOs and the US Government itself!

Alas, the threesome should have stayed back, saved the rakyat’s money and do something more fruitful or even spiritual, like join in the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday procession organized by the Penang State Government?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock Junior Has Arrived

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Malaysia is proud to announce the arrival of Teoh Beng Hock Junior.

The son of the late Selangor political aide Teoh Beng Hock, was safely born at 8am today at the Batu Pahat Hospital, Johor.

Congratulation to both mother (Soh Cher Wei, 28), son and family members.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Najib, What Wrong Had You Done To The Chinese To Ask "Give Us A Chance"???

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When I was young I like to steal from my family and friends and on top of that I like to cheat and lie. When I was caught several times for stealing, cheating and lying, my father would show his angry black face with a cane in his hand. Knowing my fate, I would quickly kneel down and begged for a chance not to be caned. Each time that I begged for a chance, my father would remind me not to repeat them again, told to return the things that I had stolen and say sorry, with that I was let off. One day, after about a month from my last appeal for a chance, my father rushed towards me and start caning me without saying a word. I know why, because the last night I stole my neighbor's rambutan. I started crying to my father to give me a chance and that I would never ever going to steal, cheat or lie again but my father keeps whacking me with the cane. During dinner time, my father told me that I had being crying wolves too many times and this time he is not going to give me any more chances.

When asking to be given a chance, a person must have done something wrong to another person and get caught doing it.

I am surprised that Najib is asking the Chinese community to give the government a chance to prove itself. He and umno had been given 52 years and all these while they claimed that they have done no wrong towards the non malays and yet he is asking for a chance. Isn't it look silly, sound silly but in fact it is very silly.

So, Najib, maybe you realized by now that you and racist umno must have done something very wrong and damaging towards the Chinese Malaysians and seek on behalf of the government for a chance, yet again. The question of giving you a chance is not a problem, the problem is, you did not tell us what wrong you had committed, admit it, apologise for doing it and walk the talk to correct the wrong and promise not to ever do it again. By not doing these and asking to be given a chance is like putting the cart before the horse.

Najib, just remember that racist umno had been given many chances before and they failed to deliver, instead it get from bad to worst. You want "Another Chance" you have to prove your worth, no more talks and rhetoric but actions to correct all the wrongs that had been done for the past 52 long years.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

WHAT ! Full-Page Advertisement To Explain Kelantan Oil Royalty Issue

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Has umno/bn ruling Government gone BONKER?

Malaysiakini reported "The federal government will take up a full-page advertisement tomorrow in the mainstream Malay-language newspapers to explain to the people nationwide the facts about the Kelantan oil royalty issue, said International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed."

What is wrong with them, wasting the public fund to explain a non issue. Is the oil royalty really an issue that needs to be explained? Just follow the rule of law and you can get the answer as to whether Kelantan is entitle for the oil royalty or it does not. A simple YES or NO.

If umno/bn Government deemed that they are right and follow according to the law that Kelantan is not entitle for the oil royalty, just prove that in Parliament and let the issue be done with. Should PAS Kelantan Government and Tunku Razaleigh keep on pursuing this issue when it is proven in Parliament that Kelantan is not entitled to the oil royalty, arrest and charged them in court for flouting the law.

Instead of applying the law, what we can assume now, when umno/bn Government tries to explain or argue its way out of this oil royalty issue, is that there are some truth in what Tunku Razaleigh had explained that Kelantan is in fact entitle for the oil royalty.

My disrespect for Najib & Co. continues, use the public fund where it needs most and not waste it on non issue or for political fights.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Najib, Why I do Not Respect You As A Leader & PM

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I usually do not receive any comment for my posting but I did received 3 comments on my last posting, titled:
Najib, If You Do Not Act Against Your Racist Members & Media How Do You Expect Us To Believe In Your 1Malaysia.

I had to delete them because their comments were so racist and seditious which will put me into trouble if I were to publish them. Two of the comments added that I am disrespectful to Najib as he is the country's leader and PM. They are not wrong, I do not respect Najib and it is getting worst every day by the way he talks and acts.

As the saying goes "Respect has to be earned" and as far as I am concerned he has yet to earn any, since his premiership. Following are just a few reasons why I do not respect him and may be the cybertroopers or those monitoring blogs can forward to Najib and let him know.

1) Najib is against any rally or demonstration because these are not our culture and its against the law. Actions will be taken against those who demonstrate, he said, when NGO plan for demonstrations against the ISA, discrimination, candlelight vigils and others. Suddenly he could not act against demonstration because the demonstration is about the word "A....". What kind of leader acts in this way, one section of the public cannot demonstrate while another section can demonstrate.
And today we learn that bn and perkasa were demonstrating at the Australian Embassy with no objection from Najib and without any police interference for this unlawful event.

2) I am lucky or rather unlucky to live in one of Pakatan Rakyat's ruled State. Najib cuts of development funds to this State to ensure that the people of this State will suffer because they voted against umno/bn. Do we not pay tax to the federal government and are we not Malaysians that Najib proclaim in his 1Malaysia rhetoric that all will be treated fairly? Or is his 1Malaysia only meant for those States under umno/bn rule? Does Najib respect me for being a Malaysian living in a State ruled by his opponent?

3) His grabbing of Perak from PR followed by all the distasteful events show that he is more concern about power while the rakyat's welfare is secondary. Najib keeps on saying that he wanted to listen to the rakyat but is he really sincere in wanting to do so? The latest poll indicates that 70% of Perakians wanted a re-election to determine the Government that they wanted but Najib would not listen and insist that Perak is rightfully his after the high court ruling.

4) The Altantuya murder case is still fresh in everyone's mind. There are claims and speculations that Najib may be involved directly or indirectly. Because Najib is holding power, he can just brush aside all these as FRIVOLOUS but he must remember that he is a PM and he must show and prove that he is not in anyway connected to Altantuya's murder. Until he decided to come out face to face with these allegations, he will not be a respected PM.

5) A true leader will command respect if he abides by the law and take immediate actions against those, be it friends or foes, who abused their power, creating racial tension, corruptions, misinformation through the msm and other seditious and criminal offences. Do we see Najib abides by the law and take any actions when his ministers, top aides, party members and msm creating all the racial and religious tensions? He will act only if these come from his political foes.

6) Inaction or slow action against the many high profile corruption cases will diminished further the respect for the PM. Will the PM dare to declare all his assets and provides details how he attained them?

7) Once the government is elected in, the PM and leaders must get down to work vigorously to bring prosperity and uplift the well being of the rakyat. Instead Najib declare that he wanted Selangor back. There is non stop actions taken by him since his premiership to ruin the States under Pakatan Rakyat hoping to take back power. A respectful PM will do no such thing but to work much more harder in terms of helping the opposition States and the rakyat and wait till the next GE to fight it back.

8) How to respect a PM when he does not know the difference between party and government, not understanding the laws and constitutions, no policy and enforcement neutrality, without integrity and will not act without fear or favor.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Najib, If You Do Not Act Against Your Racist Members & Media How Do You Expect Us To Believe In Your 1Malaysia

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Najib, after you introduced your slogan of 1Malaysia, the rakyat keeps getting bombarded with racist remarks and everything done by the Pakatan Rakyat States were turned into racial issues for the wrong reason. Even racist and seditious remarks were puked out during the launching of your 1Malaysia programs in Malacca and London.

All these recent actions by your members and reports by racist umno controlled media were contradictory to your claim of 1Malaysia. There is no effort at all on your part to stop all these, even though your senior assistant resigned but was not sacked by you nor was he charged for such a serious offence, shows your reluctant to curb these dangerous trend of pitting hatred among the races.

By your inaction and as leader of your party as well as the PM of the country, the hypocrisy of your talk about 1Malaysia shines brighter than the sun. By allowing your fellow members and media to keep on creating unnecessary racial tension in order to bring down Pakatan Rakyat will be the biggest mistake you can ever make.

You may gain back a small percentage of the Malay voters but the price to pay will be much much greater if you cannot controlled the fire that you allow to be lighted in the first place.

Please do not claim ignorant of what is happening and pretend that everything is fine under your 1Malaysia rhetoric. To us, the common layman, we are viewing from the perspective that you are directly involved in these racist attacks or turning a blind eye to allow it to continue which you may think benefits you.

Before it get out of control, please order and issue strong warning to your members and media to stop all these nonsense. Get down to the real work as an elected government and not play politics. Stop harassing the States that are under Pakatan Rakyat and wait for the next GE to regain control if you can.

You keep on asking for suggestions and opinion from the rakyat and here I am giving it to you. Hope that your cybertroopers or whoever are monitoring blogs will pass this suggestion to you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Open Letter To MP For Bayan Baru: Zahrain Mohd Hashim

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Since you no longer represent us, we demand your resignation with immediate effect.

From: sh tan

Dear MP for Bayan Baru, Zahrain Mohd Hashim:

On Mar 08 2008, we voted for you as our MP representing Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) for the parliamentary seat of Bayan Baru in Penang. You represented PKR and stood under PKR ticket at that time.

On Feb 12 2010, you announced your resignation from PKR and declared that you are now an independent MP. As such, you have given up the mandate to represent us as we voted for you under the PKR ticket.

As voters who voted you in, we urge that you resign from your Bayan Baru seat and seek a fresh mandate to represent us as an independent MP. We also like to remind you that we, the taxpayers, pays for your MP's allowances and perks. Since you no longer represent us, we demand your resignation with immediate effect.


SH Tan
Taman Sri Nibong.

Fyi: A Facebook Group "Call for Zahrain to resign as MP of Bayan Baru" has also been created.


Pls copy and paste and circulate this message. Send this message to Zahrain. Also tell your friends to join the Facebook Group

"Call for Zahrain to resign as MP for Bayan Baru"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is MACC Staging Arrests To Boast Najib's Corruption Key Target In Its National Key Results Areas (NKRAs)??

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It looks like the MACC is pulling no punches on its war against corruptions with the latest detention of a political secretary to a senior minister after he was found with at least RM2 million in cash in Penang.

I am not surprised one bit about this arrest or going all out to praise the MACC for their good work. What we need to look into and ask ourselves what does this arrest means?

Remember what the old man said about the American staging the 911 attack? Is he giving some kind of hint to the corrupted umno/bn and the institutions they controlled that they can always staged make believe performances to hoodwink the rakyat?

Let us study the report by The Malaysian Insider on the MACC latest actions. I reproduce only the relevant points from my perspective that this arrest is staged and the remark in red is mine.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has confirmed detaining a political secretary to a senior minister after he was found with at least RM2 million in cash in Penang.
Knowing that the MACC is going all out fighting corruptions, is this political secretary so stupid as to carry with him RM2 million in cash? Does he already know that he will not be prosecuted, just like the ex-MB who was caught with a few million in cash while in Australia? Will the senior minister be called in for investigation?

The Umno man is also said to own properties worth millions of ringgit.
Why mention the "umno man", just to show that the MACC is not bias, think about it. I am very sure that there are many "Umno men" out there owning properties worth millions of ringgit, will the MACC also go after them or they needed reports to be made with complete evidences before they can act?

“Yes, the MACC has detained a man as part of its investigations,” a top MACC official told The Malaysian Insider, declining to be identified due to the sensitivity of the investigations.
Why declined to be identified and that the case is sensitive? I see no reason at all why the top MACC officer cannot be identified. What we can see here is that when something criminal is going to be covered up at a later staged, usually they will become sensitive. Compare that to the Selangor MB "car & cow", Kelantan MB "cake", Penang CM "seditious" cases and you will understand that MACC is still bias against the oppositions.

It has also reported that 50 people have been hauled up for graft in Penang for the whole of 2009.
Why the mentioning of Penang as if there are no corruptions in Johore, Pahang, Trengganu or Negri Sembilan? Wanted the msm to spin that Penang is more corrupted after PR takes over?

The Najib Administration has put fighting corruption as a key target in its National Key Results Areas (NKRAs) under the Government Transformation Plan (GTP) released late last month. But the MACC has been fighting public perception that it only targets opposition politicians and not those from the ruling Barisan Nasional federal government.

MACC chief commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed and his men have said that they conduct investigations without fear or favour and it’s up to the prosecutors to take their case to court when enough evidence is found.

So in order to fight public perception that MACC is bias against the oppositions and to boast Najib's NKRA, they need to stage some arrests of "Umno's men". Why I say this, just look at the last statement by MACC chief commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed. Does he not know that there are a string of high profile corruption cases being defeated in court while many others were dead at the prosecutors front door. Will this case means that it will more probably be an open and shut case or a valid reason from the prosecutor that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute?
Read full report here.

There are still many outstanding "HIGH PROFILE" cases that the MACC needs to take quick actions but what we can see is their reluctant to pursue these cases. Even though the MACC got the guts to say that they conduct investigations without fear or favor, I am very sure this is just talk but the way they walk is just the opposite. The way the MACC goes about tackling corruptions is not presenting a sincere fight against corruptions. What they are doing now is just to pull the wool over the rakyat eyes and maybe even the TPI to improve their ranking while at the same time boast Najib's NKRA.

Previously we saw many "Wayang Kulit" being played by all these umno/bn government and its institutions, but now they are more advance and are staging more effective and convincing plays. Thanks to the old man for his sophisticated imagination.

Friday, February 12, 2010

50 Australian Lawmakers Lodged Formal Protest Urging Malaysia To Drop Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy Trial

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SYDNEY: More than 50 Australian lawmakers have lodged a formal protest urging Malaysia to drop opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial and warning it will hurt the country’s image, an official said on Friday.

The group, which includes MPs and senators from both major parties, called for the case against Anwar to be abandoned in the interests of building “confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia.”

“Many friendly observers of Malaysia find it difficult to believe that a leading opposition voice could be charged with sodomy a second time, and so soon after his party made major gains in national elections,” the protest letter says.

“It should be made known to the Malaysian government, that in our opinion, global esteem for Malaysia will be affected by these charges against Mr. Anwar.

“We hope that Malaysia’s authorities will not pursue these charges.”

Michael Danby, member of the governing centre-left Labor Party and chairman of Australia’s foreign affairs parliamentary subcommittee, said he handed the letter to Malaysian High Commissioner Salman bin Ahmad in Canberra on Thursday.

“A lot of people know Anwar Ibrahim, a lot of people have been to Malaysia, and a lot of Australian parliamentarians think it’s a shame that this is happening for the second time to the leader of the opposition in what is a developing democracy,” Danby told AFP.

“We (feel we) should stand up and support a fellow democrat.”

Former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull and Bob Brown, leader of the Greens party were among the signatories, as well as independent Senator Nick Xenophon and two minor members of the Labor Party frontbench.

Danby said the Malaysian high commissioner was well aware that there was a “wide spectrum of opinion in Australia” and the letter was not intended to inflame diplomatic relations.

“We hope it shows people in Malaysia and the opposition that we care,” Danby said.

Anwar, who faces 20 years imprisonment if convicted of illicit sexual relations with a young former aide, has condemned the allegations against him as a political conspiracy to sideline the opposition.

He has accused High Court judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah of refusing to rein in “biased” media coverage of the much-delayed trial, which began last week.

Anwar was arrested in 1998 on sodomy and corruption charges but made a stunning comeback after being freed from prison in 2004. His sexual misconduct charge was overturned after he had spent six years behind bars. — AFP

Letter from 50 Australian MPs to the Malaysian High Commissioner

His Excellency Salman Bin L Ahmad
High Commissioner for Malaysia
Malaysian High Commission
7 Perth Ave
Yarralumla ACT 2600


Dear High Commissioner,

We write to you with regards to the trial of Anwar Ibrahim which is currently taking place in Kuala Lumpur.

We members of the Australian parliament believe Malaysia is an important country, an emerging power in our region, and a friend of Australia. However the trial of Anwar Ibrahim raises serious concerns for us.

While Australia and many other countries no longer have laws against sodomy we respect the right of Malaysia to determine what should be its laws relating to personal morality.

Of more serious concern however is the fact that this trial is taking place at all, particularly given the testimony of Munawar A. Anees in the Wall Street Journal (see attached). We understand that the US State Department has urged Malaysian authorities to resolve this matter in a manner that builds confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia, and we agree with this sentiment. Many friendly observers of Malaysia find it difficult to believe that a leading opposition voice could be charged with sodomy a second time, and so soon after his party made major gains in national elections. It should be made known to the Malaysian Government, that in our opinion, global esteem for Malaysia will be affected by these charges against Mr Anwar. We hope that Malaysia’s authorities will not pursue these charges.


Members of the Australian Parliament

Dick Adams MP
Senator Sue Boyce
Senator Bob Brown
Senator Carol Brown
Anna Burke MP
Darren Cheeseman MP
Michael Danby MP
The Hon Bob Debus MP
Mark Dreyfus MP
The Hon Laurie Ferguson
Jenny George MP
Steve Georganas MP
The Hon Gary Gray MP
Sharon Grierson MP
Damian Hale MP
Jill Hall MP
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
The Hon David Hawker MP
The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Senator Steven Hutchins
Julia Irwin MP
The Hon Duncan Kerr MP
Catherine King MP
Andrew Laming MP
The Hon Peter Lindsay MP
Kirsten Livermore MP
Senator Scott Ludlam
Senator Anne McEwen
Daryl Melham MP
Senator Claire Moore
Belinda Neal MP
Shayne Neumann MP
Rob Oakeshott MP
Julie Owens MP
Melissa Parke MP
Graham Perrett MP
Senator Louise Pratt
Kerry Rea MP
Bernie Ripoll MP
Janelle Saffin MP
Sid Sidebottom MP
Senator Rachel Siewert
The Hon Peter Slipper MP
Mike Symon MP
Chris Trevor MP
The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
The Hon Dana Vale MP
Maria Vamvakinou MP
Mal Washer MP
Senator Nick Xenophon
Tony Zappia MP

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Torturing The Son To Flush Out The Father?

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The credibility of umno/bn led government has been questioned not only by its rakyat but by world leaders as well. After failing to combat the vast corruptions among the leaders, we continue to show the world how inhumane we are and yet we got the nerve to tell other country to release political prisoners.

Our constitutions are shredded to pieces with the latest court ruling over the rightful Perak MB. A foreigner got shot and blown to pieces, a witness found dead after interrogation, Kunan and many other suspects died under police detention and many other inhuman acts practice by the government institutions.

I need not go any further in details as you can read them all daily on the new media and of course you may not get it from the umno/bn controlled msm.

Raja Petra Kamarudin, RPK, is a wanted man by the umno/bn led government. The pdrm is in full force trying to locate him worldwide. I cannot anticipate what is RPK's crime to warrant such a huge manhunt and I suppose it will be very costly, the rakyat money, for a single man whom the pdrm deem is a security threat to the nation.

The police has yet to response to claim by RPK that his son is tortured under police detention. We know that the police had failed so far to capture RPK and can it be that they are using his son to try and flush RPK out?

This is what RPK wrote on his latest posting.

My lawyer went to meet my son in the Sungai Buloh Hospital today and it is confirmed that my son slashed his wrist and swallowed a razor blade. My son broke down and cried while telling my lawyer that he can no longer stand the physical and mental torture that he is being subjected to and that he wants ‘out’. And the only way out to him is to end his life. This is my response to the Malaysian authorities who are using my son to punish me.

Read the full posting here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Mourn Together With Perakians - 1Malaysia Is Dead

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I mourn together with thousands of Perakians on the court's ruling that the unlawful Mentri Besar of Perak is lawful in the eyes of the judges and not the law or constitutions.

Even though it is the Chinese New Year season, this blog will remain black and silence for a period of mourning.


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